Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trip to Utah

So needless to say Sean and I have been in turbo mode for the past three weeks, so be prepared for a long post. We first started out by visiting all of our wonderful friends up in Utah from June 13-15. We had a blast and it was so great seeing everyone at the BYU 157th reunion. While we were there I finally got to see Heather who had been on a mission for a year and half and we have been longing to see eachother. It was really crazy because the first night we got there I stayed the night with Heather and Cherisa and Sean stayed with the boys. It was a little weird because I was in a routine and then all of sudden I felt like I was single again. It was funny because the girls were talking about boys as usual and I am so thankful I am married and all that decision making crap is over. Anyhow on Friday I went and say Sierra, she is the little girl I use to nanny, we had lots of fun watching kung fu panda. Her family is not doing to well right now and she is having kind of a hard time, but there is really nothing i can do. She is a strong girl and she will be fine.
That night we went to PF Changs and had dinner with a bunch of friends.
Saturday we went longboarding and had a wonderful lunch at Tucanos. Later that night we had the reunion and let just say my team kicked butt at volleyball.

I finally got to see Julie and her beautiful baby. Julie, "she can just start calling me Aunt Sarah." Also all of my roommates from 2005 were there and it was neat to see them again.

Finally, sunday came and we went to church and the had a picnic with Natalia, luis, and Amy. So the 13 hour drive was totally worth it.