Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa Clause

Yesterday we decided to finally take Lylah to get her picture taken with Santa.  We had a great first time experience.  There were no lines and she loved him.  She kept staring at his beard and I was just waiting for her to get a handful.  I kept trying to make her laugh, but I love the picture that we went with.  My baby is getting so big!

Saturday, December 4, 2010


We had two Thanksgivings this year and we really enjoyed them. Pat and Kim came down the week before Thanksgiving because Seth had a big swim meet and that Sunday we all went to Sean's grandparents ward and then had Thanksgiving dinner afterward with everyone. It was nice having them in town and staying with us. This is another reason I love have my own house. We all went out to eat a couple times and just enjoyed relaxing evenings with everyone. Then Thanksgiving day we drove to Burkburnett/Wichita Falls to be with my family. Our families are so OPPOSITE. That isn't a bad thing I'm just sayin. My dad had us over and all the guys eat out in the garage watching football and the girls eat inside and chit chat. I think this was my first year celebrating Thanksgiving with my dad. Usually we would have it with my mom and then Christmas Eve with my dad, but my mom worked and my dad asked us over. We had to drive back that same day because we all know that working retail you never really get to enjoy any holiday. So that wraps it up hopefully I will have pics for my next post I am a little on the lazy side lately!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I know weird title for what I am about to tell you all. For those of you who don't know I am no longer working at Buckle anymore and started working at a tanning salon from 5:45am to 1pm. I love the hours because Sean and I get to be with Lylah most of the day. We try to work our schedules, ok Sean tries to work his schedule so that she doesn't have to be at the sitter's house very often. Last Monday I was working alone as I usually do until about 11am and then another employee comes in for the last two hours I am there. I had a girl customer come in and say " my account is all messed up I know I owe a lot, but I am going to go to the bathroon will you look it over and I will be right back." I do of course and I thought she was a little shady so I stayed up front where all the lotions were because I didn't want her to steal any. On a side note some of our lotions cost up to $140. Also note that our office is only about 5 ft behind where I was standing. I look over everything and she comes back up front and I tell her there is really nothing I can do, but she can come back when our manager is there. She seemed ok with that answer and left. That was at 10:45 at 11:45 I took a break in the office to realize that my purse was missing. I asked the other employee to look to make sure I wasn't going crazy and I wasn't. So I went searching our store for and and I found it in a cabinet across from the girl's bathroom. My wallet, keys, and spare car key were all missing. I immediately called Sean and asked him to go home because she knows where we live and has all my keys. He left work, went to Target to get all new locks for our house and headed home. I went to the bank to freeze all my accounts and cards, but it was too late she had already spent money. Ok to finish up this long story that could be longer. I had to re-key my car and open new accounts. Come to find out she did it to another one of our stores and came back to ours yesterday to try it again. The police are definitely involved and I hope they catch her. I can't describe the way I feel inside. I am angry, sad, but blessed to know that it could be a lot worse. I have actually learned a lot from this experience, but that will have to be in another post. You really can't trust anyone these days and it stinks.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

what happened

So I am not sure what happened to the bottom of my blog and I am not sure how to fix it. If you know PLEASE help me out!! Thank you

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween Festivites

A week before Halloween our ward had there Trunk or Treat! Lylah didn't really care to be there because she was so tired, but we put her in her mermaid costume and had a great night.
Sean sat in our trunk and passed out candy to all the little kids
On Halloween day we finally decided to carve our pumpkin. Again we thought Lylah would just love it and have a great time, but she didn't really care too much and went to sleep before we even finished cleaning it out. We always have next year!! Sean on the other hand had a lot of fun carving our pumpkin.
Abby and Watson wanted to help out a little or see what Sean dropped so they could eat it.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


I know that I am a little excessive when it comes to Lylah wearing bows. Anytime we leave the house I usually put a bow or flower on her head. I know that I have put huge ones on her, but that is not an everyday thing. My point of this blog is that anytime she doesn't have a bow on people always mistake her for a boy and I hate that. Nothing against you moms with boys, but I have a daughter not a son. I know that is silly, but when she is wearing pink I figure that would give it away that she is a girl, but obviously NOT. So there you have it. I have been wanting to get that out because I love when Lylah has bows on... thats all.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Yum Yum

So lately Lylah is obsessed with Sean's necklaces. I don't wear them very much anymore because Child + Jewelry = Bad News. Well Sean's necklaces are really simple just one chain and something at the bottom of the chain. Lylah will start putting it in her mouth and the minute he takes it away she starts screaming bloody murder. So the other morning when he was changing her she saw it and he took it off and put it away. Well she starts crying so what does he do? Yes, it is what you all are thinking he takes it out of the drawer and tries to give it to her and then of course the mean mom I am says "No Ma'am" and doesn't let him do it. See that already shows you that he is going to give her whatever she wants.

Lions and Tigers and Bears.... oh my!

Last Wednesday we decided to head to Ft. Worth to check out the Zoo. We have never been since we lived here and since it was half price Wednesday we thought lets go. It was a nice little family outing and we went early in the morning so the weather was awesome. Lylah didn't care too much and probably didn't even notice the animals. She is perfectly happy with her dog at home!

These were African Elephants that throw mud on themselves. All four were trying to come through the entrance all at the same time

Sweet little deer just chillin in the bamboo trees

She is for sure a daddy's girl! Sean just loves her to pieces. I asked him the other day if he wished we would have had a boy and his reply was "No, I love my little girl".

The zebras were so close to the fence, they were really beautiful

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Lover

Today we decided to take Lylah to a small little Pumpkin Patch in Rockwall to pick out a couple pumpkins. I was so excited and then when we got there I realized I forgot to bring the camera. Sad I really wanted to get a picture of Lylah for the first time with all the pumpkins around her. Sean got a cute one on his phone, but we haven't figured out yet how to put that on our computer. So when we got home I set them outside and took a couple of pictures. She loved looking at them and to my surprise didn't try to put her mouth on them. Every now and then she would look up for a split second and I would caught one or two good ones out of like 15 or so.

Presenting our little Pumpkin lover Lylah.... I love the little out fit Sean got her a few weeks ago.

Friday, October 15, 2010

4 generations

So I just had to post this because I love this picture. My nan, my mom's mom, is getting on up there in age and not doing so well. She is in a nursing home where my mom works at so when I go home I try to stop by for a visit. I have been once before with Lylah, but forgot the camera and this time I remembered it YAY!! So here is my nan (81), my mom (59), me (26), Lylah (5 months at the time). One thing that has been hard about seeing my nan this way is that I remember her when she was active and independent, but as she has gotten older things have obviously changed. I love her so much and I have loved being around her growing up. She taught me how to paint many things, she hates when I smell things before I eat them, crack my soda can or fidget with things. Oh and I was the only grandchild that she ever spanked, not sure why I am bragging about that, but I guess I was a handful. Love ya Nan!

Half a year old

I can't believe Lylah is already 6 months old. She is growing like a weed and getting more fun everyday! We love her to pieces and couldn't imagine life without her.
Here are a few things she can do:

Sit up by herself
Finally likes her tummy some
Always wakes up on her tummy
Pushes up on her knees (a little)
Loves Loves Oatmeal Cereal
Has tried Peas, Squash, loves Sweet Potatoes, hates Carrots, bananas, and loves peaches.
Takes two two hour naps
Still loves Abby
Has to always be looking at her daddy
Makes lots of noises especially when playing with toys
Loves being in her big girl stoller and going for walks
Loves bath time/water
Went to the Zoo for the first time
Went to her first football game

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Splish Splash

So none of this is really in order of events, but before the Independence Day Party we decided to take a little swim. The boys (Sean, Luis, Dan and Spencer) had fun flying into the pool trying to catch a football while the girls played with the little ones! Both Lylah and Kylee seemed to like the water and loved having everyone's attention. They are such good babies for a little while we were able to lay them down on some towels and they just played with their toys. Here are some pics


Back to our Vegas trip! So while we were there Natalia and Luis invited us and a few others to a Brazilian Independence Day! They are always to creative and thinking up things to do. We all wore green and yellow and all pitched in on decorating. Natalia is awesome and literally spent all day preparing food for our party. During the party we had a Samba dance lesson and you had to be there because it was pretty dang funny! Does anyone remember her website? (haha)

The Brazilian Prince!!

We were so glad that my friends Bethany and Doug were able to come also

Saturday, October 2, 2010

In the meantime....

So as most of you know I quit working at Buckle a month before Lylah was due and have been at home with her since. Well starting September 10 I went back part time. I work Wednesdays when Sean is off and Fridays and Saturdays. I do like Buckle and what I do but I am so sad to be away from Baby Lylah. The time while she is little is so precious and I love watching her grow and do new things each day. This is just a temporary thing, but it is so hard. My goal is to recruit a few more people under me for Scentsy and really get that going. My team is doing great and I love their enthusiasm about the product I just need people that love Scentsy. If any of you know someone who is interested let me know. NO, they don't have to be a salesman, just love the product! Anyone can do it, even if it is just to supply yourself with the product! So what I really wanted to get at is how busy life is at the moment. When I am not working, I am home cleaning and being with Lylah! But it is always something, which I love I just wish life would slow down just a little!

P.S. I hate when Sean is out of town! Hurry and come home we already miss you dang it!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

And it begins....

Finally, I am getting around to our reporting on our Vegas trip! It is not necessarily going to be in order, but more about the things that we did. I first have to thank Natalia and Luis for letting us crash at their home the entire time. We had a blast with all of you!

One of the funniest parts of the trip was Spencer's reaction to the BABIES. He was really terrified of them and did not want any part of them. Well we made them a part of him instead and put the babes on him and just made him deal with it. Get over it Spencer they are sweet little babies who love their Spencer!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Look how cute these are!

I absolutely love the Fall/Winter warmers and scents! Here are a few of them!

Also here are the Holiday Warmers that are now available!

Let me know what you think

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

San Jose, California

So today Sean's brother Stephen entered the MTC to serve a 2 year mission for our church. We are so happy for him and know he is going to be a wonderful missionary. We are really proud of him and his choice to do this, it is not easy to set 2 years aside, but worth it. We are excited to write him and hear all the stories he is going to have. Good Luck, Steve we are going to miss you!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Where did this month go??

We have been pretty this month with back to school for Sean and me doing Scentsy and other things here and there. To update you all on our volleyball, it has ended! We really loved playing this season, but neither of our teams made it to playoffs. There is always next year and I think more people will play because our teams got good at the end because we had more players show up.

Sean's brother Stephen got his mission call and will be serving for 2 years in San Jose, California (Spanish Speaking)! We are so excited for him! Sorry I have no pictures! We said our goodbyes to him on Saturday because he left for Utah yesterday! My mom, sister and niece came to watch Lylah so we could be at the Temple while Stephen went through. It was so great having most of his family there. It was nice of my mom to come and watch Lylah and we had a lot of fun with them!

We have been in this game playing mood and so has Lylah as you can tell. She was studying the numbers trying to figure out which on to lay down, haha!!

Water.... Lylah loves the water these days we have been swimming several times and play in the back yard in the sprinklers.

My BIRTHDAY!! For my birthday we went to On the border with Sean's family and then went back to their house for dessert and presents. We all had fun and as you can tell Lylah is always the focus point. Also Pat gave her a taste of a lemon and her facial expressions were so funny, the picture doesn't capture it so well.

Andy and Anjelica come every summer to watch the Red Sox play the Rangers and we love that because we get to see them. Monday night we went to dinner with them in Rockwall and Tuesday we went to their hotel and swam all day! I got a couple good pics of Sean playing in the water! Isn't it suppose to be Lylah playing in the water, not the grown up, haha!!

Back to School has been crazy, I helped out for a few days and I am beat!! Kim was so nice to watch Lylah for us so I could roll in some money!! Thank you Kim we really appreciate it!! I have a feeling next month is going to be just as busy!!