Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Our little Swimmer

So I know that every post since we had Lylah is about Lylah, but what do you expect everything evolves around her these days. So on Friday the 23rd we decided it would be a great day to take her swimming since both Stephen and Seth would be working. It was a perfect day to pick because it was cloudy and I was nervous that she would get sunburned. The water was a little chilly but overall Lylah loved the water. Her and Sean swam around for a while and she was just kicking away. She was obviously just kicking her legs not knowing what she was actually doing, but we as her parents like to think that she is so smart and knew what she was doing all along. haha!! She went under the water a few times and had no problem getting use to the water. I guess that means she is a Russell, not a bad thing just sayin. I am taking her swimming again tonight at mutual and see if she still likes it. She is becoming such a big girl and would love for her to slow down a little!! Here are some pics of her swimming and I will put up the video a little later.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend

I really love not working a retail job anymore because I get to be off on holidays that normally I would have had to work. And because Sean is a manager he makes his own schedule so we are able to do things when we want.

Saturday Sean got off work at 6pm and his mall had a little festival going on, but that didn't last long for us because it began raining and I was so sad because I wanted to watch fireworks. So we switched things around a little bit and had Stephanie and Gerardo over to watch the UFC fight and that was a blast. We all love it and people think I am crazy because I am screaming at the TV like they can really hear me. They stayed the night and went to Sean's parents ward on Sunday.

Sunday we had a family BBQ with Sean's siblings because his parents where in Utah. We had burgers, hotdogs, chips, watermelon, ice cream and strawberries. Very simple, but we all had a great time. Stephen and Seth went and did fireworks with friends and the rest of us went to Harry Myers Park in Rockwall to watch the firework show. We got there about 6:30pm and played card games and I NEVER. Lylah was so good and had her own little toys to play with. She feel asleep right before the show started and I was nervous the noise would scare her, but it wasn't too bad. She only opened her eyes a few times. Then we came home and got ready for Monday.

Monday the four of us again and Lylah went to the Dallas World Aquarium. Sean has been dying to go since we moved back and he finally got what he wanted. It was so awesome and will have to go to the Ft. Worth Zoo when it cools down a little. After that we went to Chuy's and had yummy fajitas.

It was a great weekend spending time with family and being stress free for a couple of days. I really loved it because I got to get out of the house unlike every other day during the week.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Where to Start

So much has happened that I haven't blogged about that I feel overwhelmed and that makes me put it off even more. Life has been a bit crazy for the past three weeks.
I went to Wichita Falls June 15-18 to visit my family and see my sister get married. She met a wonderful military guy while he was stationed at Shepperd Airforce Base and have been dating for the past two years. Since he was getting stationed in Japan for the next few years they decided to get married at the Justice of Peace and then do a ceremony in March of 2011. They wanted for her to be able to go over to Japan with him so that is why it was so soon and quick.

Tuesday - picked up Brandon from the airport and got lost exiting the South entrance of DFW. He thought I was crazy and that is Ok because it is probably true. That night my family had an engagement party for Samantha and Brandon with all of our family and friends there.

Wednesday - Samantha and Brandon got married and we all went to lunch at Deli Planet! I love that place. Mom and I went to Nina's house and hung out for little bit.

Thursday - I just hung around the house and took a nap.

Friday - Was very emotional and crazy, but a little too personal to share.

Saturday - Went to visit my Aunt Susie for her to meet Lylah and then headed back to Dallas before Father's Day.

Sunday - Father's Day started with Sean having yummmy waffles made by Chef Sarah! haha!! We went to church and then headed to Grand Prairie to enjoy a day with Sean's family.

Yep there is more craziness!!!

Monday - I took Sean to the airport. He had manager meetings in Kearney, NE till Thursday night

Tuesday - Samantha, Brandon, and Timber came and stayed the night. So I cleaned most of the day

Wednesday - Took Samantha and Brandon to the airport at 5am. I kept Timber from Wednesday - Friday... That was an adventure, but we made it and she had fun playing with Lylah

Thursday - We did crafts and all sorts of things. Picked Sean up from the airport.

Friday - Timber, Lylah and I headed back to Wichita so she could go stay with her dad for the weekend. Lylah and I went to dinner with my dad and Teresa and I stayed at their house.

Saturday - My dad made an awesome breakfast after the electricity came back on. We found out a squirrel got in the transformer. Poor thing. My aunt Susie came over for a while and then later that night I went over to Brittney's to see friends

Sunday - Sean picked Samantha up at the airport and brought her home. I had a bridal shower to go to and then we headed back to Dallas.

NOW we are finally home and are staying home for a while. It has all been fun and crazy, but I missed Sean and Lylah is glad to be back home and on her routine again.