Thursday, April 30, 2009

Observation Time

A couple of weekends ago I decided to go home and visit my family. Sean had to stay in Clovis to keep work flowing nicely and also because he is in Las Vegas till Sunday! Jealous need I say more. It was really nice being able to see how much my nieces have grown since Christmas. My sister and I had a blast as usual when I visit and whats funny is we really don't do that much. I am so lucky to have a great sister. I just remember when we were young and we would pull each others hair out, kick, fight, and punch each other. I am so glad things are not that way anymore. We are very opposite people and when I was younger I thought that meant we just weren't suppose to get along, but now we just work. Things she won't say, I say them for her and when I say too much she stops me. I am just so proud of all she has accomplished in just these past few years, she has changed her life tremendously and I think it is because of my niece Timber. Samantha is such a good example to her and is teaching her everyday. My mom on the other had is a nut. She has never been the one to do things for herself and lately she has. I know this sounds silly but she now gets her nails done. Why does she need her nails done she is an older women and it just isn't necessary, but it makes her so happy. I love seeing my mom happy because she was so unhappy for a long time. Another thing I observed while at home was that my dad is becoming healthier. Growing up we always at fried chicken, chicken fried steak, fried squash,okra, pretty much anything fried. Now my dad has cut that out and takes vitamins and eats fruit and salad. The last day I was there we attended a baseball game for Josh, one of my nephews. Both my brothers, their wives and kids, my sister, dad, and step mom were there. Not very often does that happen besides Christmas or Thanksgiving. I just loved every minute of it watching my nephew play baseball with my brother coaching him. My dad and brothers standing up at the fence yelling for my nephew to watch the ball. My sister, sister-in-law and step mom playing with my new little niece Emma. All in all i love my family and I know we disagree on a lot, but they are my family. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun and Games

Life has been really fun lately. Sean and I have made many great friends here while living in Clovis. Every weekend there is something to do. It's kind of funny because you have all of these families with three or four kids and then Sean and I. At first it was a little weird, but now its normal. We love being around them and getting great advice about the future.
Sean is still busy with work and we are hoping to get back to Dallas soon. Soon like the next couple of months. I am loving my new job, but temporary job during tax season. I love the people I work for because the are so organized and have a good system going. We are pretty stoked because Sean got his bonus from the Buckle and we are planning on being home owners this year. That should be pretty interesting, I am not sure who is going to be more picky me or Sean. He is on the computer all the time looking for good deals on houses.
We both really enjoyed conference last weekend and heard exactly what we needed to hear, funny how that happens. We went over to a friends house and grilled burgers and played some rummy cube during the break. This was the first time since we moved from Utah that we got to watch it on TV and not at a church building or on the computer.
Since I work at an accounting firm the day after April 15 we have off. I am going home that weekend to have a little visit with my family since I missed my niece's birthday. Poor Sean has to stay home and work, but don't feel to sorry for him because the last week in April he is going to Vegas for work, lucky him. I am sure he will have fun especially because he has never been. I am pretty sad that I don't get to go with him. We also have a mini vacation coming up last week in May. Sean's parents asked us to go with them to South Carolina. I am so pumped to go because I am never been to the east coast. I will definitely have to post some pics of that.
Sorry about all the rambling it has been a while since I got on this thing. Also sorry there are no pics, next time I will have some. Peace Out