Thursday, February 4, 2010

29 Weeks

So here is an update on the past month of my pregnancy. I feel like every week something different starts happening differently with my body. To me that is weird, but to all of you who are already mothers that is probably normal because you have experienced this before. The past two months I had gained 6 pounds and then 5 pounds, I know ALOT! Well this month when I went in for my normal appointment I had lost a pound. I know that it is nothing to freak out about however I haven't been able to digest my food very well so it worried me a little. I would go to sleep every night hoping to be able to sleep and not have my stomach hurt or get sick.
Anyway the Dr. asked me to come back in the following week just to make sure Lylah is getting the food that she needs and growing. So I go in and have my sonogram and not only is she growing, but she is big. She weighs 3lbs 6oz. At the time I was only 28 weeks and she is measuring at 30 weeks. I am just so glad that she is ok and getting the nutrients that she needs to grow and be healthy. She is moving more than ever these days especially at night since I am up walking all day long.
This week I have noticed that I am a little more tired than normal and am always ready to go to bed. Anyway here are a few updated pics of me at 29 weeks.