Friday, July 27, 2012


This past weekend we had all sorts of craziness. I was out of town for part of it. Andy and Anjelica came to visit and Luis,Natalia,and Gracie were in town with family. I was sad because last time the Merinos were in town I was out of town and I hadn't got to see baby Gracie yet. I was determined to meet her this time. I came home early Sunday afternoon to hang out with everyone. Sean made homemade lasagna which was amazing. We played card games and later Natalia and the baby came over for a visit.

My child's smile is killer

I was glad for the few minutes to catch up and see great friends. I had to work so Sean hung out with everyone more than I so sorry if I left a lot out.
While Andy and Anjelica were here we got to go to be Dallas zoo. We had a lot of fun with riding the camel, feeding the birds, and feeding the giraffes. I love getting to see them every july.

Could not keep her off this

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Goodbye Auntie and Timber

This past weekend we has a lot going on. We had a few friends in town. Some from New Mexico and some came from las Vegas which we will get to next post. This one is about my sweet sister. This weekend we had a going away party for my sister because she is moving to JAPAN. Eehhh what am I going to do with my sister gone?

Oh boy! I am going to miss my big sister and I am not sure that I would have said that as a teenager. We fought all the time and were so different. In high school she was a senior and I was a freshman and we refused to talk to each other. I love that we can tell each other exactly how we feel. I am so happy that she finally gets to be with her husband in Japan, but a little but of me is selfish and wished she stayed in Texas longer. It is cool to see my sister grow, we were pretty sheltered growing up but she is getting to explore the world and that makes me happy. Sister we will miss you and plan to Skype all the time!!!!

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Monday, July 16, 2012

Little girls and headbands

Every morning this little girl thinks she needs to wear a billion headbands and so does mommy.

A bit much ya think?

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Monday, July 9, 2012

So sweet

Sean texted me these pictures while I was at work. Lylah told him "I am going to wait for mommy to come home."

it melted my heart. As most of you know Lylah is a daddy's girl and still is even though he is home with her all day. It is nice to know she still loves me too.

Too precious!! Love her

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Whatever works

Last night I came home from work and we have a tradition on Friday nights. I bring home food and we watch a movie after Lylah is in bed. I brought home some pizza and wings and about half way through dinner lylah Was finished but still let us eat in peace. She was taking all the dishwasher soap out of the container to the table and back.

Then she heard me take a picture of her so she turns around for another one

then she says oh picture cheese

and finally he had to get next to the cabinets and pose.

It was actually really cute. Yes most of our posts are about her but she is where all the excitement is at!! Enjoy

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Happy Birthday America

Booooo I just wrote a huge blog with pics and all of a sudden it all disappeared so now you all get the short version.

On the 4th we started our day out with breakfast with our ward. We played volleyball, ultimate frisbee, face painting, toy riding, etc. Lylah had a blast with several of her friends pushing each other in this car and swapping sunglasses. We thought she would be pooped and want to nap bit we were sadly mistaken. Around 3 we headed to the nelsons to eat and swim. Everytkme we go Sean teaches lylah a little more to swim. She is doing great but tries just about anything in the water which is a little scary. She jumped off the ledge multiple times with and without floates.

Then at 630 we made our way to Rockwall to play at the spray park and what for the fireworks. A buch of people from our church went and it was great to relax a little bit. I am so glad Lylah is potty trained but it was frustrating because the women's line was so long ht finally Sean had to take her because of course there is no line for men. The fireworks were great an they had a lot of new ones I had never seen before.