Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It official

Now it's not what you all are thinking!!!! We are finally business owners, well Sean mainly because he has been doing all the work. We are opening up PJ's Popcorn! We will be specializing in over 60 flavors of gourmet popcorn, tins (sports, colleges, and holiday), gift boxes for all occasions ranging from teacher appreciation, get well, birthdays, etc., an assorted candy selection, over 50 flavors of soda from around. We will be able to ship our products all around the US.

They have officially started construction and we should be open the week of October 15th. PJ's will be located off of town east blvd and Galloway in Mesquite, TX.

By Saturday we hope to have our Facebook page and twitter launched. So "LIKE" us please..

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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday dinner with GG and GP

Since being home from vacation in August we haven't been able to see Sean's grandparents. Usually when there is a birthday we go over and celebrate but there hasn't been any recently. We headed over there today to have a nice dinner with them and watched the cowboys lose. Joan makes the best banana pudding and it is to die for.

Kurt brought their bird over and lylah did great with her. She even wanted it on her shoulder, so here are a couple cute photos.

Also lylah is all about the men these days and wanted to snuggle with GGP while drinking her milk. Just precious

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Trying to stay young

Our lives are pretty routine and possibly a little boring, but we are spicing it up a little. During the beginning of the summer Sean and I started co- Ed volleyball. That was actually a lot of fun. Two weeks ago we started fall volleyball but not co-Ed. So our Thursdays consist of being at the church for 3 hours. Usually we referring, or one of us is playing and the other watches Lylah. We have become quite the volleyball lovers! I joined a softball team and we have games in Friday nights. It brings me back to when I was a child and all my life consisted of was softball. I'd like to add that I am a much better hitter than I was back then. Sean is teaching swim lessons and running occasionally. We are trying to stay young. People say all the time, but y'all are young! Well about that, my body hurts all the time and isn't looking any younger.
I don't have pics of our awesomeness at these sports but I do of randomness around our house.

She is obsessed with this hat!!!

Watching tv with dad!!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Say what

Everyday this little girl keeps us laughing.

Today a we are driving to church she says " you've got to be kidding me."

Or when I tell our dog abby "no" she says "Mom, she's fine don't worry about it.

Then the other day she wanted juice, but knew she wasn't going to get it and she says "no juice only water." When I went to fill it up she saying "careful, careful"

I just love it! I had to document this because I really only kept record of her first year and I'm trying to get a little better.

Cute pic. Sean hurt his toe mowing and lylah thought putting my body lotion on him would help. What a patient dad?!

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