Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Russell

Things are still going well with Baby Russell. I don't really feel like I am prego anymore which is nice. I love that I can eat really whatever without getting sick. I love that I walk around all day long hoping that the only thing that will get bigger on my body is my stomach. We find out what the baby is the day before thanksgiving. It is so exciting and we are ready to find this out so that we can pick out a name, decorate the room, etc. I can't wait till i get bigger because right now i just look bloated all the time. No one has asked if i am pregnant so I obviously don't look it. I hate walking around just looking fat instead of looking pregnant. I am sure my thoughts on this will change once I actually get bigger I will say how I want to be smaller.

Random story for you. So Sean and I had out date night last Saturday. Went to Olive Garden then to watch 2012. So while we are eating and talking about work and things that happened that day. Sean randomly says " so its kind of weird that we are going to be parents!" He is totally right it is so WEIRD. I guess we really haven't thought about it too much because we have been really busy with work. We are excited to be parents to this little baby and hopefully be able to teach him/her to the best of our ability.

Everything else is going pretty well. We love the ward that we are in and feel right at home which is a good thing because we will be here awhile. We both have the wonderful opportunity to serve with the youth. I am not sure if most of you remember, but while we lived in NM Sean taught the 15-18 yr old Sunday school. He loved that calling and loved teaching the youth well he still gets too. He has the same calling in this ward except there are two teachers and they alternate weeks. Me on the other had get to work with the Mia Maids. It has been a blast so far and keeps me pretty busy. They are a great group of girls and youth altogether. We had a fireside on Sunday and everyone gets along. There don't seem to be groups that they all break off into. So needless to say we both are loving the opportunity that we have been given.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Pure Laziness

I haven't posted anything in a while 1)because I have a broken camera so there a zero pics and that is just boring 2)just pure laziness. I get on everyday and look at everyone else's blog. I know it is ridiculous! Anywho there is not much happening in the Russell household. We are all moved into our house which we love and this Thursday I will be 14 weeks along. It is getting really exciting knowing that we are having a baby just not reality yet. I think once my stomach gets bigger it will be reality. For a few questions y'all might have. No we haven't really picked out any names, work has kept us really busy and on opposite schedules. We have found a girl name that we really like though. We don't care what we have I think we are both cool with having a boy, but that is because we don't think it will be fair for Sean to have to put of with two of me. HAHA I can't wait to find out what it is so that we can start buying things and painting it's room. I wake up about 2-3 times in the night to go pee which is really annoying. One night I counted and I woke up 7 times, poor Sean! He got a kick out of it the other night. Our bathroom has folding doors that we just leave propped open. Well I got up to use the restroom and BAM! right into the door. Sean didn't laugh right then, but the next morning he was like " Do you remember what happened last night?" "Yes honey I ran into the door" and now he loves to make fun of me for it. Ok let me get back on track, I crave anything Italian. I am in love with pizza sauce, tomato sauce and kind of tomato like thing, even though I can't stand tomatos. I would post of pic of me 12 weeks but i dont have one and there is nothing to really look at! Any other questions just ask. Hopefully, we get a camera soon

Friday, August 21, 2009

September 21, 2009

Yes! This is the day that we close on our house. We are so excited that we finally found one. We had a tough time with people accepting our offers. We finally realized that we should probably quit putting offers on foreclosures and short sales and just buy one from a seller. We can't wait to move in, but are def. not excited about buying a refrigerator, lawn mower, edger, and all the other things that are necessary. The house is in Rowlett, TX, just a few minutes from where Sean grew up. We will actually be attending the ward that he grew up in except that it has split into two wards so not everyone he knows will be in that ward.

Also this weekend is Tax Free here in good old Texas. For you who have no idea what that is it is where you can buy clothes and other things worn on your body for ZERO tax only if it is under $100. You actually on save about $8 for every $100 that you spend, but people love it and work has been great and crazy. Sean's store is also doing exceptionally well. I am just so proud of him! I think I say that in every blog, but seriously he is doing a great job!!!

So life is just Rockin and Rollin for the Russells!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What the future holds

So as you all know Sean and I moved to Clovis, NM in November of 2007. We were not exactly thrilled about this, but we were excited that Sean became a manager and was progressing in his job so of course we would go where ever they told us to. The point of this blog is that we have already seen so many great things come from us living in Clovis. One being GREAT friends that will be life long. On Sunday, Andy and Anjelica came in from Clovis to watch the Red Sox play the Texas Rangers. So was a blast seeing and hanging out with them again.
Then on Thursday of this week we are bringing them over to Plano and to see Seans new store. Then as we were looking at houses yesterday we got a call from our friend James who we met in Clovis. He is the manager of Alltel who is now Verizon. He told us that he is moving to Plano. CRAZY!!!! Sean and James are great friends who love to play video games while i just watch TV. The one thing that we really loved about Clovis was the people we met and I love that fact that we will see a lot of them again sometime in the future. As I was talking to Sean's mom yesterday I told her how cool it is that we are already running into people from other places we have lived. I know that this is going to happen a lot through out our lives and I am so excited about it. This is just another reason why Clovis was a blessing in our lives and were so grateful that we had the opportunity to live there for a year and a half.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I went up to Sean's store this morning to take some photos for everyone to see. It was a great time to take some pictures because they had just opened which means the store should be really clean. Anyway here are some photos of his store!!Love it

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Lives = Buckle

Ok ok I know it has been a while and I wish I had pictures this time, but I will add some hopefully tomorrow. Exciting news is that Sean's store officially opens up tomorrow morning July 16. On Tuesday night we had a friends and family night which turned out great and we even had a ton of people who just wanted to shop come in the store. The turnout was better than expected. Also he went ahead and opened the store up this morning just because of the turn out the night before and had another great day! It is so awesome watching Sean do his thing a work and you can see the excitement in his eyes about this new store. We really are blessed with how life is going right now and are extremely grateful for all the opportunities we have been given with Buckle. Yesterday I actually got to go to Sean's store with other Assistant Managers and Manager Trainees to learn from each other as well as team all of Sean's new teammate. Those poor kids their brains were thinking INFORMATION OVERLOAD! We love Buckle and now our families love Buckle, its just so much fun, sorry, but you are going to be hearing about it for a while because that is really all we have time for right now.

We also have to thank Sean's parents for letting us chill at their casa while we are searching for a house. We put a bid on one, but knew we probably wouldn't get it and we didn't which is fine that just means I can save more money!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today is Flag Day!!

Life has been busier this week than normal. Sean drove into Plano Wednesday night and thankfully he arrived here safely after the horrible storm he drove through for six long hours. What a trooper! Earlier that day I had gone to reserve us a storage unit since we are going to be living at Sean's parents house while we are looking for a house. Typically the storage unit stays open until 9, but she said that she would keep it open for us till midnight since we really didn't know what time Sean would be arriving. So we go up there at 9:20pm and guess what it was closed, I was very frustrated just because I wanted to get it all done before the next day of having to work. So the next morning we tried at 8, but then system was broke because of the storm we had that night so again we had to drive back. Finally we just decided to call and then later that day Sean and his brothers unloaded everything in the storage unit. I did feel bad because for one Sean had to move everything into the truck without me, drive here without me, and then unload it into storage without me. All in all I think he actually liked it better that way to so I wasn't telling him how to do everything he could just do it him self.

Anyway life is good here in Dallas. All of Sean's siblings were here today for church and it is a lot of fun with all us kids around. We are still getting use to no nap on Sundays because church is from 12:30 to 3:30.

Sean is already working as best as he can. His store will be finished this Tuesday and he gets all his fixtures on Thursday. He is already setting up interviews and making game plans for the store opening which is July 16th. Me on the other hand, well work is good but tough. They are going to name a new manager this week hopefully and almost everyone is quitting because their manager quit. I think it is good though because now we can get people in there and teach them from scratch. I really like working at the Buckle in Dallas opposed to Clovis because for one people do not reject you as bad and second they are very open minded and will be a good sport about trying on clothes.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dallas here we come!!

This past week we were on vacation with Sean's family. (I will blog about that later) We were hoping to have already heard something about Sean getting the new Buckle store in Garland, TX. The 3rd day of vacation we were at the beach and we must have been in the water because we never heard our phones ring. Finally when we got to the car we checked our phones and we both had missed calls from his area manager. So Sean calls him back and they FINALLY OFFICIALLY offer him the store. Of course he accepted!! His store opens up July 22 or 23 and he moves back to Dallas on June 17. I am staying here in Dallas with his parents because I am going to be working at the Buckle in Plano. We are both excited and ready to start this new journey. I know Sean is going to be busier than busy but he likes that kind of stuff. We have been so blessed living in Clovis even though we didn't think so when we first moved there, but it has been a great place with wonderful people. We are really going to miss it and our great friends.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well I would have to start out by saying that things have been a little crazy lately. First off, Sean was in Las Vegas from April 30 to May 3. He had a blast and called me numerous times telling me that we have to come back and shop. I love it that I have a husband that loves to shop and loves clothes. It is nice when I am in a hurry and I ask him to pick me out an outfit to wear and it actually looks great. Good thing he gets paid to do that for a living. Any how he had a blast in Vegas, except for those dang taxis that were so expensive, I think that is where most of his money went. I will post some pictures but he didn't really take any of himself doing things so they are kind of lame.

On May 5th we celebrated out two year wedding anniversary. We kept it really simple by having dinner at Dakota's Steakhouse and then returning home to watch Yes Man. This past year has been awesome together and we have really enjoyed being together. Good thing because this marriage is for eternity. Both our dog(abby) and our kitty (Watson) have brought a lot of joy and good memories to our lives. It is funny to think because they are just animals, but they have very strong personalities do crazy things. We are definitely looking forward to the future and who knows what is in store for us.

This is how Sean proposed. For some of you that have not seen our wedding video I have the link to the right on our blog.

I have been packing up things because Sean is hopefully going to get a new Buckle store in the Dallas area. I already quit my job so lets hope that he gets it. I have been kind of bored here all day every day with nothing to do. I go workout, clean , pack, nap, help Sean out at his store, but there is only so much to do before I run out of things to do. As most of you know I am a stressful person. I stress over the small things so you can only imagine my stress level on this. I thought we would already know by now and that is why i quit my job so early. I am now regretting that decision, but I am just glad that Sean is not rubbing it in my face. We have been truly grateful for the opportunity we have had to be here in Clovis and we are really going to miss all of the great friends we have made.

Also some of our friends are moving to Salt Lake. She got into a doctorate program. I am so excited that she is getting to do what she wants, but Sean and I have become great friends with Rami and Stacey. We are really going to miss them and all the fun we have. Here are some pictures we took the other night. Beware we get a little crazy together and start acting really immature. I am just glad that Sean and Rami let us be and do the weird obnoxious things we do, like ummm.... decide to have a dance party with just the two of us. Enjoy!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Observation Time

A couple of weekends ago I decided to go home and visit my family. Sean had to stay in Clovis to keep work flowing nicely and also because he is in Las Vegas till Sunday! Jealous need I say more. It was really nice being able to see how much my nieces have grown since Christmas. My sister and I had a blast as usual when I visit and whats funny is we really don't do that much. I am so lucky to have a great sister. I just remember when we were young and we would pull each others hair out, kick, fight, and punch each other. I am so glad things are not that way anymore. We are very opposite people and when I was younger I thought that meant we just weren't suppose to get along, but now we just work. Things she won't say, I say them for her and when I say too much she stops me. I am just so proud of all she has accomplished in just these past few years, she has changed her life tremendously and I think it is because of my niece Timber. Samantha is such a good example to her and is teaching her everyday. My mom on the other had is a nut. She has never been the one to do things for herself and lately she has. I know this sounds silly but she now gets her nails done. Why does she need her nails done she is an older women and it just isn't necessary, but it makes her so happy. I love seeing my mom happy because she was so unhappy for a long time. Another thing I observed while at home was that my dad is becoming healthier. Growing up we always at fried chicken, chicken fried steak, fried squash,okra, pretty much anything fried. Now my dad has cut that out and takes vitamins and eats fruit and salad. The last day I was there we attended a baseball game for Josh, one of my nephews. Both my brothers, their wives and kids, my sister, dad, and step mom were there. Not very often does that happen besides Christmas or Thanksgiving. I just loved every minute of it watching my nephew play baseball with my brother coaching him. My dad and brothers standing up at the fence yelling for my nephew to watch the ball. My sister, sister-in-law and step mom playing with my new little niece Emma. All in all i love my family and I know we disagree on a lot, but they are my family. Here are a few pictures from the trip.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fun and Games

Life has been really fun lately. Sean and I have made many great friends here while living in Clovis. Every weekend there is something to do. It's kind of funny because you have all of these families with three or four kids and then Sean and I. At first it was a little weird, but now its normal. We love being around them and getting great advice about the future.
Sean is still busy with work and we are hoping to get back to Dallas soon. Soon like the next couple of months. I am loving my new job, but temporary job during tax season. I love the people I work for because the are so organized and have a good system going. We are pretty stoked because Sean got his bonus from the Buckle and we are planning on being home owners this year. That should be pretty interesting, I am not sure who is going to be more picky me or Sean. He is on the computer all the time looking for good deals on houses.
We both really enjoyed conference last weekend and heard exactly what we needed to hear, funny how that happens. We went over to a friends house and grilled burgers and played some rummy cube during the break. This was the first time since we moved from Utah that we got to watch it on TV and not at a church building or on the computer.
Since I work at an accounting firm the day after April 15 we have off. I am going home that weekend to have a little visit with my family since I missed my niece's birthday. Poor Sean has to stay home and work, but don't feel to sorry for him because the last week in April he is going to Vegas for work, lucky him. I am sure he will have fun especially because he has never been. I am pretty sad that I don't get to go with him. We also have a mini vacation coming up last week in May. Sean's parents asked us to go with them to South Carolina. I am so pumped to go because I am never been to the east coast. I will definitely have to post some pics of that.
Sorry about all the rambling it has been a while since I got on this thing. Also sorry there are no pics, next time I will have some. Peace Out

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life is just dandy

So life is just dandy right now. We both are busy with work and church callings. The original plans for my new job was to just work M-F, but because it is tax season and we are super swamped with different deadlines to meet and so I have been working Saturdays as well. I really enjoy it and I love learning all about taxes and other accounting stuff. My weeks just fly by because I am never not doing something at work. Sean's work is going great for him as well. We are really lucky because the Buckle is one of the stores in the world right that is still growing and not suffering from this economic turmoil. I know that this is going to sound very ldsish but we have been so blessed lately, and we couldn't be more grateful. Other than that nothing else to interesting has happened I would have to say that we are pretty boring people with the same routine everyday. Although I am going to post a couple pics from last night. We had a friend over who works for Sean, but he is also her Sunday School teacher at church and she is the bishops daughter. She is a great girl and we love hanging out with her. She had to come over and challenge us to some sing star.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

More to the last post

I forgot to put these pics to the previous post of our sewing group.

Way over Due

Hey Everyone!

Lots of things have been going on lately in the Russell household. Sean had manager meetings Monday thru Thursday and it is so nice to finally have him home. I have started a new job at an accounting firm, so that is different because now I have a 8-5 job opposed to working till 9 at night. Here are some other things that we have been doing.

In church, I was called at the beginning of the year to be the Activity Day Leader. It has been a blast working with these young girls and seeing all of there different personalities. It reminds me a lot of Sierra (Girl I nannied)because she was that age and being so dramatic. We have been able to do some fun activites so far like heart attacking the Bishop's Office and doing Pedigree Charts for Pedicures. Here are some cute pictures from their pedicures.

Also, one of Sean's favorite missionary just got transfered to Lubbock and so we had them over one last time. Two of them took pictures of themselves and with us and framed them, so on our living room table we have pictures of missionaries. It's kind of weird, but its not like we have kids with their pictures so this will do. Elder Makin is one funny guy and I am sure Sean and him will be buddies for a long long time. Let's just say this, in January we fed them 5 times. Anyway here are some pictures of us with Elder Makin!

Lastly, this morning our Relief Society had a sewing group that was making aprons. We did not get to finish, but it is always fun to go because we love to talk. That is what it is for anyway right? I will have to post a picture of the complete apron when it is finished, but in the meantime here are some pictures of us ladies. I have noticed that the only people that come to these activites are the same group of women. These are the women who play volleyball twice a month, and who go to the movies together. They are lots of fun and I am really going to miss this ward when we leave. (Not saying that we are) HA!!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stupid People

**By the way this is Sean writing this. "A" I don't want Sarah to claim this masterpiece of a blog, and "B" I NEVER write on this thing and therefore want to clear up any confusion.**

First off, I have a problem with stupid people. My brothers and I strongly believe that there should be a population control on people with a high level of stupidity in their genes. And second, I have a problem with shoplifters. Unfortunately they usually go hand-in-hand and this is what I had to deal with this last week.

Case #1: The rich and the infamous
We had a young lady come into the store the other day and she decided that it was one of those lets try to see if I can get away with stealing today type of days. So she went straight for the Ed Hardy table, which for those who don't know have quite an expensive taste to them. So she grabbed two of them and decided that she wanted to see if our "sensor" system was working. So she took a little trot to the front of the store and began to "look" at the shoes in the gateway. Well as soon as she realized that our security system did indeed work she all of the sudden had the sudden urge to try on every shirt in the store. At this moment Sarah was clearly on the same page as she was to her loss. When she exited the dressing room none of them miraculously did not fit, BUT guess what was missing??? You got it, the two Ed Hardy shirts totalling a whopping $194 were all of the sudden missing with two sensors sitting on the ground of the dressing room. After Sarah called her out on the missing product the cops were called and she was arrested. She also was found with a prescription drug that was clearly not her name. You know it always interests me on how stupid people are. First off she came in at the SLOWEST part of the day when all we had to do for the rest of the evening was watch her!!! Smart.

Case #2 I swear I don't live here!!!

This one takes the cake. So this customer comes in and decides to exchange something that did not work for her. Well she wants to try one some jeans so I get her about 8 pairs of jeans to get started as she did not really know what she wanted. Suspiciously she was in the fitting for around 30 minutes and I started to question her motives. I went to ask her if I could take any of the jeans out of there that did not work. When she handed me about 5 pairs I realized that in two of the pairs had a total of 3 sensors left in them. So I am sure that they magically appeared in there. So after she got out of the dressing room I called her over to the counter and asked her where my product was. Go figure she played dumb. I asked her to empty her purse onto the counter so she decided to show me the littlest section of her entire purse and swear that it was nowhere to be found. Then she claimed that she did not even live in Clovis. She was now from Houston. She then ran to dressing room to ditch the "missing" jeans. After I followed her and confronted her again this time spotting the jeans in her purse, she threw the jeans onto the floor and ran for the front door of the mall. I ran after her and grabbed her purse to stop her from leaving as I knew that she still had my product on her. After struggling with her for about 10 minutes I dragged her to my backroom where we waited until the cops showed up. When they finally showed up they emptied the purse to find another shirt, meth, and marijuana on her!!!! Plus, like I thought, she was wearing a pair of our jeans underneath her own!!!! And guess where she was from. Clovis!! Stupid!!! It later came to 2 felonies and a misdemeanor. WOW!

Moral of the story: Don't be stupid....please...

Monday, January 19, 2009

I wish there were something new

Well, there nothing new really going on here. We have been super busy with work and just finishing up inventory. Last Tuesday Sean and I went to Amarillo to help the manager there do his inventory (need I say that his store is twice as big as Seans) then Wednesday drove back to Clovis and prepared our store for inventory Thursday night. And now Sean and his other assistant left Sunday and will be back on Tuesday to help out the manager in Lubbock with moving his store for remodeling. Sorry if this is boring to some of you, but the Buckle has now comsumed our lives. Thank Sean for that one. Anyway, hopefully the next couple of weeks can be somewhat relaxing and try to get some things accomplished. We are hoping to be able to visit Utah sometime soon and then we are planning a trip to carmel, California. YAY

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ok so for some reason the video did not show up at all maybe I am doing something wrong. Here is one more try at it. If you know what I am doing wrong please tell me.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Lately, Sean and I have noticed that Abby is obsessed with Sean. When he is home she has to be sitting on his lap, if he gets up she has to follow him. For example, if he is playing the Wii Fit she has to be sitting right next to it. It is kind of funny on my end to watch, but he really gets annoyed with it. This video I am about to post might have a lot to do with it. He is feeding her goldfish from his mouth. I know weird, but that is what we do on Sunday afternoons. Again, while he is on the computer. I try to get the pictures while she is just laying there, but she sits up every time when she sees the camera.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe that it is already 2009, were does the time go. Well just a short recap on 2008 for Sean and I. At the beginning of the year we moved to Clovis, NM because Sean became a manager for the Buckle. While he was busy with that I had to find a job and was working at a car dealership, but then Sean and I felt that I should start working for him at the Buckle and so that is what I did starting in April. It has been a lot of fun working there and I just love it. This year has been very interesting because we have been away from everyone that we know and love and so we have had a lot of time learning about one another and I have to say I am very grateful for that. Another thing this year that was new was our little kitten that Sean brought home one day. I will have to post some videos of the cat and dog wrestling. Anyway we are really excited for 2009 and know that there are going to be lots of changes coming our way and are super stoked. Stay tuned to find out! No I am not pregnant!!