Friday, May 23, 2008

The Buckle

So, many of you already know that Sean is the manager of the Buckle in Clovis. Last week some shady things were going down at my job so I quit. Right around the time that this was happening Sean manager asked if I would consider working at the Buckle. So Sean and I weighed out the pros and the cons and decided lets give it a shot. This has been my first week so far and I really enjoy it. The only thing I hate is that I have to look at new cute clothes everyday that I can't buy. Poor Sean he is the only guy and there are about 6 girls, but it is a really positive atmosphere and the store is growing more and more every week. Many people tell us it is not good to work together, but we have done that before in Utah and there was no prob. So far we are good, I think that main thing is that I have to realize that Sean is my boss and I can't give him attitude. Anyway Sean and I are doing great and life is good.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Sean and I had our one year anniversary on Cinco de Mayo. I cannot believe that we have already been married for a year. Since being married so many things have happened. First, we lived in Dallas, then Sean moved to New Mexico in December, but I could not leave because of school so I lived with his family for almost 2 months. Finally, at the end of December I moved to New Mexico to be with Sean. Let me tell you about change, we go from living in a huge fast pace city to a small whole in the world called Clovis, NM. Anywho, we also have a dog named Abigail, who we have had for about a year. Most of all we have learned so much about each other and realizing that compromising is a good thing, not always easy, but good. I am so grateful for Sean and everything he does for us. He works very hard everyday at work and it is so much fun watching him grow. (That kind of sounded weird) Sean is very patient with me and teaches me something new all the time. Lately, we have started doing more fun things together like playing guitar hero, some sing along thing, going to the batting cages, playing catch, going to softball games, watching movies, and playing board games. I am so excited for this next year, I think we are all going to be suprised as to what is to come.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I realized this last night as Sean and I were walking into the movie theater that we go to the movies usually once a week. Living in Clovis, New Mexico is not the most exciting place in the world to live. Some of our friends are on a softball team and we watch them play on Friday nights, but other than that you have to drive 2 hours to Lubbock if you really want to enjoy yourself. So this week we actually went to the movies twice because last week it was too late after we were finished with our productive day to watch a movie. Anywho, on Monday we saw "Baby Mama" which was pretty funny, I liked it. Then last night we saw "Made of Honor". I absolutely loved it and so did Sean. Patrick Dempsy is one of my favorite actors. He acts in my favorite movie from the 80's called "Can't buy my love". We know it is kind of pathetic to always go to the movies, but there really is nothing to do here. If you want to know what Clovis really is like go to youtube and type Boycott Clovis. Hope you enjoy