Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gloves, Balls, Bats, Clothes, & Hair

So yesterday was a very eventful day for Sean and I. Most Saturdays are busy, but usually I am alone all day because Sean works from 12-9 so I only see him on his lunch break. Yesterday he worked from 10-3 so we were able to do a lot together, which was a lot of fun. We hadn't bought clothes in a long time, so we needed to get Buckle satisfied again. So we ended up buying several things. Then Sean did not have a baseball glove and we have been watching some of our friends play and we went to Big 5 Sports and bought Sean a glove and a softball so we could play catch, which we ended up doing later in the afternoon. I have been wanting to go to the batting cages lately, so we thought heck lets just got hit balls. It was a lot of fun because Sean said he had never really played ball before and I grew up playing so needless to say I was very impressed by his mad softball skills! Later we came home and did my homework and decided we wanted to get our hair cut, one thing we forgot is that it was prom night, but we found a place and now we are ready to rock in roll. To top the night off we red boxed Cloverfield. To bad everyday could not be this fun!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The next day was Timbers party and we had so much fun, she is the cutest little girl in the world. Here are some pics, I will put more pics up from the weekend.

Birthdays and Family Time

This past weekend Sean and I headed to Wichita Falls, Tx to celebrate my niece's first birthday! We arrived Friday night around 6ish and my sister had us an agenda. First, we had to got to hobby lobby, then the Buckle for her an outfit, then dinner at On the Border, then to Target to buy so curtains and several other things. Finally, when we arrived back home we had to hang the curtains we just bought. Then my sister and made these cute "Thank you for coming gifts" they were baby jars filled with hershey kisses and then we put glitter on top and put them in cute plastic clear bags with ribbon. It was so much fun helping here with them. I think that was the first time in our lives we have done something like that together.