Monday, August 23, 2010

Where did this month go??

We have been pretty this month with back to school for Sean and me doing Scentsy and other things here and there. To update you all on our volleyball, it has ended! We really loved playing this season, but neither of our teams made it to playoffs. There is always next year and I think more people will play because our teams got good at the end because we had more players show up.

Sean's brother Stephen got his mission call and will be serving for 2 years in San Jose, California (Spanish Speaking)! We are so excited for him! Sorry I have no pictures! We said our goodbyes to him on Saturday because he left for Utah yesterday! My mom, sister and niece came to watch Lylah so we could be at the Temple while Stephen went through. It was so great having most of his family there. It was nice of my mom to come and watch Lylah and we had a lot of fun with them!

We have been in this game playing mood and so has Lylah as you can tell. She was studying the numbers trying to figure out which on to lay down, haha!!

Water.... Lylah loves the water these days we have been swimming several times and play in the back yard in the sprinklers.

My BIRTHDAY!! For my birthday we went to On the border with Sean's family and then went back to their house for dessert and presents. We all had fun and as you can tell Lylah is always the focus point. Also Pat gave her a taste of a lemon and her facial expressions were so funny, the picture doesn't capture it so well.

Andy and Anjelica come every summer to watch the Red Sox play the Rangers and we love that because we get to see them. Monday night we went to dinner with them in Rockwall and Tuesday we went to their hotel and swam all day! I got a couple good pics of Sean playing in the water! Isn't it suppose to be Lylah playing in the water, not the grown up, haha!!

Back to School has been crazy, I helped out for a few days and I am beat!! Kim was so nice to watch Lylah for us so I could roll in some money!! Thank you Kim we really appreciate it!! I have a feeling next month is going to be just as busy!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Month 4

Today Little Lylah is 4 months. She is getting so big and becoming less and less of a baby and it is already making me sad. I have mixed emotions because I can't wait till she can sit up and crawl, but then that just means she will be older and I still want her to be my little baby. We went to the Dr. today and her weight is 13.95lbs and height is 24 3/4. She is 70th percentile in weight and 50th percentile in height. He said we can start cereal in months 4 and 5 and so I think we are going to give that a shot. Now a question for all you moms out there, the Dr. gave me some forms to read about starting a baby on cereal and to only start with a tablespoon in one feeding. Which feeding have you done it on, the one right before she goes to bed or what? Any tips would be greatly appreciated! Pictures will come soon!

Here are some things about her:

Loves bath time and is learning to splash with her hands and feet.
Hates getting out of the bath and being cold
Loves for Sean to pick her up out of her bed in the morning
Likes being in whatever room we are in, if I am cooking she has to be in her bumbo watching.
Loves sitting in her bumbo
Likes watching her Baby Einstein video
Hates being on her tummy
Drools all over the place
She thinks its funny to laugh while she is eating
Rolls over every now and then from tummy to her back
Sleeps like a champ
Naps like a champ
Grabs toys and puts them to her mouth
Loves talking to people
Laughs really hard when you shake her or tickle her tummy
Laughs when someone blows noises
Loves kisses from Abby
Freaks out when someone she doesn't know messes with her.
She loves being in a pool or sprinklers
Shes a go with the flow kind of gal!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Can you say growth spurt

So Lylah has always been a great sleeper, but today is extreme. She went to bed last night at 7pm and fed a couple times till 8 this morning, but went right back to bed each time she ate. So this morning I am playing with her and she falls asleep at 8:45am so I take her up to her crib and she sleeps till about 11am. She wakes up and I feed her and play around some more and then what does she do fall back asleep at 12:15pm and is still sleeping and it is 2:29pm to be exact. I have checked on her a few times just to make sure everything is ok and it is, she is sleeping away! Usually she takes naps during the day, but they only last about an hour or so and this two hour nap thing is nice, because I have time to organize some closets and clean up. I know this is totally random, but for some reason I love my house to be spotless on Sundays! It could be because its the Sabbath, but I love not having to do anything and because that is one of Sean's only days off.
On Tuesday she will be 4 months and we got to her month check-up and get shots. I will update on how is all goes!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

For those of you who don't know!

Uhh... I guess that title makes it sound like something serious! Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I am a Scentsy Consultant now. I started selling back in July and absolutely love it!! I love that I can work and make as much or a little as I want and get to stay home with Lylah! I truly feel like this has been a blessing to our family. It is a great company to work for and the product sells itself. Anyway, if I can help any of you out for birthday presents, Christmas gifts, or what not let me know. August is a great month for it because everything besides a few select items are 10% off. My website is, tell everyone you know I am really trying to network and let everyone I know about it!! Thanks to all of you that have already helped out I appreciate it a ton!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Wonderful Thursdays

I was so excited when I found out our ward was having a volleyball team. When we lived in Clovis I played pretty regularly with some ladies and absolutely loved it. I became more familiar with the game and learned some techniques to actually play a decent game. So like I said I was pumped that our ward had a team, the only thing is that only 4 people ever come (well once we had six people) and so far we have lost 2 and won 1. I think we get better each week because that is the only time we "Practice." So last Thursday I met Sean up at the Stake Center because the women were playing at 6:45 and the guys at 7:30. So he watched Lylah while I played and vice versa. We won our game and played all three sets and the guys lost playing only two sets. One thing I don't get is that it looks so easy when guys are playing, maybe because they take up more room I'm not sure? Anyway we had a lot of fun and plan on it from here on out.