Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The 4th of July

What a busy day we had! It was a great day and had a blast. We started our day off by attending our ward activity at 9am for some breakfast.

I was to over see the Young Women in face painting and they did a great job.

Lylah got her face painted and that wasn't the easiest thing to do, but she looked so cute with a little firework on her cheek.

Then are noon Stephanie and "G" came over and we headed to the pool.  It was nice having them and Sean around because I never get to lay out because it is always just Lylah and I, but this time Sean was there to tend to her so I could soak up a few rays.

After a couple hours of swimming we went home and started preparing the food for our little BBQ. I am terrible at remembering to take pics , so sorry. We had hamburgers, hotdogs, chips and a yummy watermelon and grilled some zucchini and peppers. Mmmmm

At around 6:45 we arrived at our final destination, Rockwall, TX to watch the fireworks.  I new that there was a spray ground there but didn't think that Lylah would get in it since we went swimming earlier that day.  Well we happened to see a few people from church and one of Lylah's babysitters was there and took her to the spray ground.  Any guesses on what came back to me?  A wet baby.  Lylah loves water so I should have known so she got to walk around in her diaper for a while until her dress dried.  haha I love that little girl!

Finally at almost 10 the show started and we had a cranky baby, but we made it through it.  We love this tradition we started last year with Stephanie and Gerardo on the 4th of July and hope to continue it.