Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bridal and Baby Showers!!

I feel like everyone I know right now is either getting married or having a baby! My sister gets married in March and my sister-in-law gets married in April.  Then our friends Andy and Anjelica are getting married in August. Several of our friends just had or are having babies so it seems like its either a bridal shower or baby shower every month.

A couple weekends ago I threw my sister's bridal shower.  It turned out great and had a lot of wonderful friends help out.  We played a few fun games, but everyone's favorite was when my sister, Samantha, had to answer questions about Brandon and if she got one wrong she had to put a piece of gum in her mouth.  It was hilarious!

I love torturing her, paybacks from when we kids. Yes, she had that much gum in her mouth I started with multiple choice, but she kept getting those right so then I changed it to just having to answer with out any help.

Right when the shower was over, Lylah and I packed up and headed back home for a friend's baby shower.  Audra is from Clovis and that is how we know her.  She moved to Dallas and worked for Sean and threw my baby shower.  They now live in Colorado, but came to Texas for a visit and we loved having them stay with us.  I can't believe she is having a little boy, we can't wait to meet little Jaxon in August! Congrats Audra and Eric.

After that baby shower we headed to Teresa and Craig's house (Sean is best friend's with their daughter Tayler) to play the XBOX connect.  If you haven't ever played it you have to, it is amazing! Their little dog was obsessed with Lylah and kept jumping up on her and following her every where she went.  It was pretty cute.  When we laid her down for bed the dog just waited outside the door until we left.
Seriously, this game is awesome, you don't even have to use a remote.  This is me bowling and Sean is having a dance contest with Lacy. That was pretty funny to watch to bad I didn't record it. Anyway more to come. Aren't you exhauseted from this post because I was pretty pooped when we finally got home and I could go to bed. Enjoy