Saturday, February 12, 2011

My other little doggy!!

Lylah is now 10 months and we STILL have ZERO teeth.  The other day Kim asked where her little teether toy is? (the ones that you put in the freezer and they chew on) I hadn't been giving them to Lylah because she never really showed any interest well I think they are exactly what she needs. She crawls, stands, goes where ever she wants with it in her mouth.  She has a pretty good technique at holding it in there with her tongue wrapping around the other side of it. Anyway she is so funny and just cracks me up!

By the way my floor isn't really that dirty as it looks.  Note the blanket on the couch well it has lots of fuzzies after washing it.  I know I am ridiculous!

Texas and Snow.... not a good mix

The past two weeks have been insane.  On Feb 1st, it iced over pretty bad and school and jobs was canceled for four days and then last day it was cancelled we had about 4 to 6 inches snow.  When this happened they did what they call "rolling blackout" so every few hours we would got without power for about 30 min.  Well this killed our internet and cable.  So not only were we stuck at home but we didn't have internet and cable.  Pat, Kim and Seth were staying with us so it wasn't that bad because we got to visit and just relax a little. 

Yesterday at work I had a lady that just moved from Michigan and she pretty much told me we are WIMPS here in Texas.  She couldn't believe we closed our schools down because I guess last week in Michigan they had 19 inches of snow and still went to school.  My only excuse is we (Texas Peeps)  A) don't know how to drive in snow, B) we don't have snow Plows, and C) our buses probably don't know how to drive in it.  Also in Texas it is ICE not just Snow.