Monday, June 27, 2011

Summa Time!!

I love LOVE love summer time.  I hear people complain all the time about the heat and humidity here in Texas, but I love it.  Ok I don't care for the humidity, but I would rather it be hot outside than cold I know call me crazy.  This summer has been busy and fun thus far. 

Seth graduated from high school, so he is no longer hanging out at the Russell house on the weekends as he has moved up to Utah and we miss that.  It was fun having him around and I know Sean loved it and misses it.  I mean how many episodes of Scrubs or That 70's show can you really watch?! I think I checked the other day and there are 8 Seasons of That 70's Show.  Anywho, Pat and Kim came for a visit when Seth graduated and we had fun having them at our house.  They are great to have around and we miss seeing them all the time.  

Lylah and I go swimming about 2 or 3 times a week with friends.  A friend has a pool at her house and invites people over all the time and I love it.  I love soaking up the rays and getting out of the house and socializing.  Lylah LOVES the water, but is kind of out of control.  I put her in a blow up toy and she hates it she wants to be out and do her own thing.  The problem with that is she is toddler and can't swim. She loves being outside and tries to get out the door anytime we open it. She also loves going on walks around the neighborhood.

Also this summer I got to go to girls camp.  I was only there for one night, but I had a great time.  I have never been before and I really wish I would have gone.  What a great experience it was getting to know the youth better. I love the girls and they try so hard to do what is right. We really have a great group. 

There are more things coming up this summer like going to Utah next week and then Andy and Anjelica's wedding in early August.  I will really try to take pictures and actually blog.  The problem is that I need a new SD card because mine is full and so I have been a bit limited.