Wednesday, July 22, 2009

What the future holds

So as you all know Sean and I moved to Clovis, NM in November of 2007. We were not exactly thrilled about this, but we were excited that Sean became a manager and was progressing in his job so of course we would go where ever they told us to. The point of this blog is that we have already seen so many great things come from us living in Clovis. One being GREAT friends that will be life long. On Sunday, Andy and Anjelica came in from Clovis to watch the Red Sox play the Texas Rangers. So was a blast seeing and hanging out with them again.
Then on Thursday of this week we are bringing them over to Plano and to see Seans new store. Then as we were looking at houses yesterday we got a call from our friend James who we met in Clovis. He is the manager of Alltel who is now Verizon. He told us that he is moving to Plano. CRAZY!!!! Sean and James are great friends who love to play video games while i just watch TV. The one thing that we really loved about Clovis was the people we met and I love that fact that we will see a lot of them again sometime in the future. As I was talking to Sean's mom yesterday I told her how cool it is that we are already running into people from other places we have lived. I know that this is going to happen a lot through out our lives and I am so excited about it. This is just another reason why Clovis was a blessing in our lives and were so grateful that we had the opportunity to live there for a year and a half.

Friday, July 17, 2009


I went up to Sean's store this morning to take some photos for everyone to see. It was a great time to take some pictures because they had just opened which means the store should be really clean. Anyway here are some photos of his store!!Love it

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Our Lives = Buckle

Ok ok I know it has been a while and I wish I had pictures this time, but I will add some hopefully tomorrow. Exciting news is that Sean's store officially opens up tomorrow morning July 16. On Tuesday night we had a friends and family night which turned out great and we even had a ton of people who just wanted to shop come in the store. The turnout was better than expected. Also he went ahead and opened the store up this morning just because of the turn out the night before and had another great day! It is so awesome watching Sean do his thing a work and you can see the excitement in his eyes about this new store. We really are blessed with how life is going right now and are extremely grateful for all the opportunities we have been given with Buckle. Yesterday I actually got to go to Sean's store with other Assistant Managers and Manager Trainees to learn from each other as well as team all of Sean's new teammate. Those poor kids their brains were thinking INFORMATION OVERLOAD! We love Buckle and now our families love Buckle, its just so much fun, sorry, but you are going to be hearing about it for a while because that is really all we have time for right now.

We also have to thank Sean's parents for letting us chill at their casa while we are searching for a house. We put a bid on one, but knew we probably wouldn't get it and we didn't which is fine that just means I can save more money!