Sunday, June 14, 2009

Today is Flag Day!!

Life has been busier this week than normal. Sean drove into Plano Wednesday night and thankfully he arrived here safely after the horrible storm he drove through for six long hours. What a trooper! Earlier that day I had gone to reserve us a storage unit since we are going to be living at Sean's parents house while we are looking for a house. Typically the storage unit stays open until 9, but she said that she would keep it open for us till midnight since we really didn't know what time Sean would be arriving. So we go up there at 9:20pm and guess what it was closed, I was very frustrated just because I wanted to get it all done before the next day of having to work. So the next morning we tried at 8, but then system was broke because of the storm we had that night so again we had to drive back. Finally we just decided to call and then later that day Sean and his brothers unloaded everything in the storage unit. I did feel bad because for one Sean had to move everything into the truck without me, drive here without me, and then unload it into storage without me. All in all I think he actually liked it better that way to so I wasn't telling him how to do everything he could just do it him self.

Anyway life is good here in Dallas. All of Sean's siblings were here today for church and it is a lot of fun with all us kids around. We are still getting use to no nap on Sundays because church is from 12:30 to 3:30.

Sean is already working as best as he can. His store will be finished this Tuesday and he gets all his fixtures on Thursday. He is already setting up interviews and making game plans for the store opening which is July 16th. Me on the other hand, well work is good but tough. They are going to name a new manager this week hopefully and almost everyone is quitting because their manager quit. I think it is good though because now we can get people in there and teach them from scratch. I really like working at the Buckle in Dallas opposed to Clovis because for one people do not reject you as bad and second they are very open minded and will be a good sport about trying on clothes.