Thursday, September 22, 2011

Balloon Festival

This year we decided to check out the Balloon Festival in Plano.  We thought since Lylah is a little older she would really enjoy it.  We got there a little late and there were TONS of people.  It was really neat to look at all the different kinds of ballons.  They had a ladybug which was my favorite! They decided not to let the balloons up in the air because of the weather but it was still neat to see them all light up.  Overall it was successful and that was my first time to see a hot air ballon in person.  Wow, I am sheltered!

Friday, September 16, 2011

As of Lately

Life has been a bit intense lately and so much is going on in our lives that I find little time to actually sit down and blog. Sean is still working at Popcorn Papa and really liking it. I figured that if I am going to work I might as well make it worth it and so now I am the assistant manager at Palm Beach Tan.  I am making my way to becoming a manager.  I really enjoy what I do and love to SALE the product. I have been thinking a lot lately about how our life now is not really what I planned it to be.  At first it was kind of hard to accept but now that I have accepted it I am ok with it.  I know it sounds so selfish. We found a babysitter who really loves Lylah and her kids love Lylah.  She is very flexible because we both have retail hours and she is willing to watch Lylah anytime.  She has her on a few times a week sometimes for 3 hours and sometimes for 6 hours so not too bad.

Now on to the craziness in our household.  So a couple Sundays ago I had to work from 3-9pm.  I got a phone call from Sean at 7:40 that he was trying to make fried chicken and was heating the oil and while that was happening he went to the restroom and came out finding it on fire and about 4 ft high. (Side note: Sean has cooked with oil like once when he sauted some veggies with were delish and thought it would be fun to try something different with oil.)  His first thought was to get it out of the house because luckily on the pan was on fire.  He grabbed it with his right hand to take  it out the back door, but while doing that the flames and grease burnt his hand pretty bad.Once the flames were out he couldn't do anything to his hand for about 30 min. because the fire alarms where going off, which then woke Lylah up and freaked her out.

I called a friend whose husband is a Dr. and we were able to go over there when I got off for him to have a look at it.  (Side note: I was freaking because I wasn't sure how bad the whole situation was and knowing that Sean and Lylah's new insurance hadn't gone into effect yet.)  Sean ended up having first and second degree burns on his hand.  Poor guy was and still is miserable.  It's been two week and went through a bottle of Naproxen. Sleeps on the couch every night because one night when he tried to sleep in the bed he hit his hand on everything. He has to wear a plastic glove over it at work and that doesn't feel the best.  His had finally looks like skin instead of open flesh and the burns are healing pretty well.  We were very lucky that the house didn't catch on fire and that we only had to replace our microwave and a piece of wood and two air filters.  I was able to get the black off the walls and wood with magic erasers. Love those things.  We do want to really thank Stephanie and Gerardo because when this happened Sean called his dad and they called Steph to pick up the burn ointment to bring over immediately and watch Lylah so we could go to the Dr.  That really helped out a ton.

What is the saying people use? When things happen they all happen at once!  All of us are under the weather right now with a mild cold and on drugs. Poor Lylah has had a rough week, bruise on her face from running into the table, blister on her foot and she wouldn't walk for a day, then she had some kind of rash under her arm pit and luckily the Dr. said it was only contact dermatitis and the cream is working wonderfully.  Sean and I just had to sit down and laugh about everything the other day because this is life.  Its not perfect and never will be.  All of the experiences we go through teach us and we learn and some times it helps put a lot things into perspective.  I know The fire could have been much worse but it wasn't and now it will be a memory that we can look back at and laugh about Sean cooking with oil.

Here are some pics:

 This was a couple hours after it happen. The white is the burn medicine. Not too bad right?
                                                                     Poor microwave
 Good thing the flames didn't get to those cook books or we might have been in trouble
                                                              Bottom of microwave
                                            Before the clean-up besides Sean cleaning the stove
                                                         This was the next day much worse
             And new microwave and cleaned the paint and wood next I just have to repaint the ceiling