Tuesday, January 18, 2011

9 months

I know that most of my post are about Lylah these days and what she is into to, but I have forgotten to write down each month and what she does except for in her little baby book, but I figure you all might want to know as well.

She takes (2) 2 hour naps each day. One from 10-12 then the other from 2-4.
Goes to bed pretty much every night around 7:15pm
Sometimes wakes up around 3 or 4 to have a bottle, we have tried braking this, but it is so nice to just feed and go back to bed.
She has been on formula for the past 2 months and seems to like it.
She has breakfast, lunch and dinner with a total of (3) 6 oz bottles.
She weighs 19.13 lbs (65%) and is 27 3/4 inches (60%)
She loves her dad more than anything and has to be with him from the minute he is home till she goes to bed.
She crawls everywhere, but loves to sit on one leg and have the other one either straight out or bent with foot on the ground.
She pulls herself up and starting to walk along the edges and even likes to crawl stairs
She loves her bed and typically goes right to sleep when you lay her down. Only falls asleep in bed or carseat.
She is a chatter box.  Wonder where she gets it from?
We started watched Baby can Read and she knows the word Clap and does it when looking at the word.
Loves the itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle, popcorn popping and many others, but those are her favorites.
Bathtime is her favorite time of the day and could be in there for hours.
Hates when we change her and when we are getting her in her jammies.
She has a short tension span, and moves on the the next thing after only a few minutes.
Loves going to the grocery store with mom and looking at all the people
Her hair is finally long enough on top that we can put it in a ponytail since she pulls off headbands.
Church is exhausting with her because I never really get to stay in the class room
She waves when we say "Hi"
Very happy baby and is a joy to be around.
Still has NO Teeth

We have been so blessed having Lylah in our lives.  She has taught us way more then I think we thought. We love being parents to Lylah and are excited to teach her all the things life has to offer.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Decorations at last

Finally after a year and four months I finally have my living room and dining area somewhat decorated.  Some of you have been asking for pics so here they are.  I love it and everytime I walk inside I tell Sean,"its perfect and it feels so complete!" I know I'm a cheese ball.
Sorry about the fan chains dangling.

This has been finished for a while now. So simple, but I love it!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Bumps, Bruises and Cries.... Oh my!

  Now that little miss Lylah is all over the place and trying to stand up by herself she falls or runs into something quite often.

This is one of her favorite spots and positions. She loves to look outside and see whats going on, but this happens!  
She tries to stand up and this time she fell forward instead of on her bum and got her first little bruise on her forehead . I am sure there are more to come.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where do I begin...... Christmas!

I am so behind I have been a total slacker, but for good reasons.  One, Sean's parents were in town, second, we had friends in town and come over a few times, plus getting all wrapped up in the craziness of Christmas.  All in all we had a fabulous holiday and enjoyed getting time to spend with family and friends. Get ready for lots of pictures and lots of randomness that you all need to be caught up on.

As most of you know Lylah is crawling everywhere and has been for about 3 weeks now. She loves playing with Abby and following her around, getting into her dog water and just going about anywhere she wants. I will say to her "go get Abby out of her kennel" and she starts crawling right on over there. What a smart baby.

 Not only is she crawling, but trying to stand.  She has done it twice without holding on to anything and pushing up from the floor.
We made it to my Mom then Dad's house for Christmas Eve.  Last year there was a big snow storm and we weren't able to make it.  It was nice to see everyone and my nan got to come home from the nursing home that day to spend time with everyone!

The next morning we woke up and headed to Grand Prairie to spend Christmas day with Sean's family.  It was nice to relax and not have to worry about much.  Lylah was a spoiled little girl this year!

I love this picture! She sat on a tag and crawled around for a while with it on her booty.  I guess I could be the only one that thinks it is cute and that is ok!

Thank you grammy for my adorable outfits!

Thank you Great Grandma and Grandpa Jensen for the High chair, We ALL love it.
Finally, I was so happy today I finally bought some small ponytail holders to put Lylah's hair up.  She has a mohawk and so I thought we would try something till she gets some more in.

I will try to keep the post coming especially know that Sean has created his own blog, how dare he?!