Sunday, January 25, 2009

Stupid People

**By the way this is Sean writing this. "A" I don't want Sarah to claim this masterpiece of a blog, and "B" I NEVER write on this thing and therefore want to clear up any confusion.**

First off, I have a problem with stupid people. My brothers and I strongly believe that there should be a population control on people with a high level of stupidity in their genes. And second, I have a problem with shoplifters. Unfortunately they usually go hand-in-hand and this is what I had to deal with this last week.

Case #1: The rich and the infamous
We had a young lady come into the store the other day and she decided that it was one of those lets try to see if I can get away with stealing today type of days. So she went straight for the Ed Hardy table, which for those who don't know have quite an expensive taste to them. So she grabbed two of them and decided that she wanted to see if our "sensor" system was working. So she took a little trot to the front of the store and began to "look" at the shoes in the gateway. Well as soon as she realized that our security system did indeed work she all of the sudden had the sudden urge to try on every shirt in the store. At this moment Sarah was clearly on the same page as she was to her loss. When she exited the dressing room none of them miraculously did not fit, BUT guess what was missing??? You got it, the two Ed Hardy shirts totalling a whopping $194 were all of the sudden missing with two sensors sitting on the ground of the dressing room. After Sarah called her out on the missing product the cops were called and she was arrested. She also was found with a prescription drug that was clearly not her name. You know it always interests me on how stupid people are. First off she came in at the SLOWEST part of the day when all we had to do for the rest of the evening was watch her!!! Smart.

Case #2 I swear I don't live here!!!

This one takes the cake. So this customer comes in and decides to exchange something that did not work for her. Well she wants to try one some jeans so I get her about 8 pairs of jeans to get started as she did not really know what she wanted. Suspiciously she was in the fitting for around 30 minutes and I started to question her motives. I went to ask her if I could take any of the jeans out of there that did not work. When she handed me about 5 pairs I realized that in two of the pairs had a total of 3 sensors left in them. So I am sure that they magically appeared in there. So after she got out of the dressing room I called her over to the counter and asked her where my product was. Go figure she played dumb. I asked her to empty her purse onto the counter so she decided to show me the littlest section of her entire purse and swear that it was nowhere to be found. Then she claimed that she did not even live in Clovis. She was now from Houston. She then ran to dressing room to ditch the "missing" jeans. After I followed her and confronted her again this time spotting the jeans in her purse, she threw the jeans onto the floor and ran for the front door of the mall. I ran after her and grabbed her purse to stop her from leaving as I knew that she still had my product on her. After struggling with her for about 10 minutes I dragged her to my backroom where we waited until the cops showed up. When they finally showed up they emptied the purse to find another shirt, meth, and marijuana on her!!!! Plus, like I thought, she was wearing a pair of our jeans underneath her own!!!! And guess where she was from. Clovis!! Stupid!!! It later came to 2 felonies and a misdemeanor. WOW!

Moral of the story: Don't be stupid....please...

Monday, January 19, 2009

I wish there were something new

Well, there nothing new really going on here. We have been super busy with work and just finishing up inventory. Last Tuesday Sean and I went to Amarillo to help the manager there do his inventory (need I say that his store is twice as big as Seans) then Wednesday drove back to Clovis and prepared our store for inventory Thursday night. And now Sean and his other assistant left Sunday and will be back on Tuesday to help out the manager in Lubbock with moving his store for remodeling. Sorry if this is boring to some of you, but the Buckle has now comsumed our lives. Thank Sean for that one. Anyway, hopefully the next couple of weeks can be somewhat relaxing and try to get some things accomplished. We are hoping to be able to visit Utah sometime soon and then we are planning a trip to carmel, California. YAY

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ok so for some reason the video did not show up at all maybe I am doing something wrong. Here is one more try at it. If you know what I am doing wrong please tell me.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Lately, Sean and I have noticed that Abby is obsessed with Sean. When he is home she has to be sitting on his lap, if he gets up she has to follow him. For example, if he is playing the Wii Fit she has to be sitting right next to it. It is kind of funny on my end to watch, but he really gets annoyed with it. This video I am about to post might have a lot to do with it. He is feeding her goldfish from his mouth. I know weird, but that is what we do on Sunday afternoons. Again, while he is on the computer. I try to get the pictures while she is just laying there, but she sits up every time when she sees the camera.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!

I can't believe that it is already 2009, were does the time go. Well just a short recap on 2008 for Sean and I. At the beginning of the year we moved to Clovis, NM because Sean became a manager for the Buckle. While he was busy with that I had to find a job and was working at a car dealership, but then Sean and I felt that I should start working for him at the Buckle and so that is what I did starting in April. It has been a lot of fun working there and I just love it. This year has been very interesting because we have been away from everyone that we know and love and so we have had a lot of time learning about one another and I have to say I am very grateful for that. Another thing this year that was new was our little kitten that Sean brought home one day. I will have to post some videos of the cat and dog wrestling. Anyway we are really excited for 2009 and know that there are going to be lots of changes coming our way and are super stoked. Stay tuned to find out! No I am not pregnant!!