Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

This is Sean's first Father's Day and so I thought I would make a little slide show for him. He is so great with Lylah and loves to in his words "chill" with her. Lylah and I have been gone since Tuesday and Sean could not wait for her to get back. I love to watch him play with her, love her, and smile with her. He is going to be a great DAD to her as she gets older. He is a wonderful man, provider, and husband. He is understanding with just about anything and I know he will guide Lylah in the right direction as she gets older and he is going to beat off all the boys that come around her. We love you so much Sean and are so glad you are in our lives for eternity. Here is the slide show I put together, if it uploads correctly

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I love this LiTTlE girl

So on June 2nd we had made an appointment at Babies 'R' Us to get Lylah's pictures taken. We tried them out because they just reopened and had a sale going so I thought what the heck lets do it. We get there at 10 am perfect timing because Lylah didn't have to eat again until 11:30am and I thought for sure we would be finished. Well was I wrong, when we got there the lady was really nice and very talkative and I was ok that they were having camera problems. After waiting an hour and ten minutes wasn't so fun and Lylah was awake and starting to get grouchy because she was hungry. I finally told the lady never mind we were leaving. So we left and I swear steam was coming out of my hears I was so frustrated. As most of you know I plan out mostly everything and if it doesn't go that way then I get upset. Most the time I am just upset with myself because NoTHIng or NoONe is perfect, but I feel like I have to have some kind of control. We get back to my mother-in-laws house and my wonderful husband calls JCPenneys and they can get us in at 1pm and on top of that they are having a 50% off sale on all packages. SWEET!!! So we head there are one and it was a wonderful experience and I was happy Sarah again. I learned a very good lesson that day that sometimes things happen not the way we think they should, but it is for the better. I have learned this lesson many times, but it just clicked and I realized I was making everyone miserable around me. So here are some of the pictures we took:

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


During the last week of May, Sean had to go to New Mexico for a work issue and I thought why not go with him. So we packed everything up and headed out. Lylah was so good she slept the whole way there and back and only woke up to feed. We really couldn't ask for a better baby. She is usually pretty content with whatever we are doing as long as she has her pacifier.
We were really excited about returning to Clovis for a visit because we made so many friends there and most of them are still around. Clovis has a military base so people are always coming and going. We really want to thank the Bunker family for letting us crash at there "love shack" even though they were out of town. We miss you guys so much!! Let me explain "love shack" as we get to there house there is a note that says "Hey Russell Kids" we hope you enjoy the Bunker Love Shack and then we walk into their bedroom and there is dove chocolates all over the bed. I love Carlee she cracks me up.
Thursday morning we met at McDonalds with some of our friends from church. We felt so loved and are so grateful for the friendships we have made. So there were eight adults, but only six families total which consisted of 16 kids. Oh my!!! Let's just say we had a long table. Then later that day we hung out with Andy and Anjelica and went to dinner at Kellys.
Friday morning Sean had to work till 3 at the Buckle there so I just relaxed a little and met up with Anjelica to do some shopping. Later that night we met up with The Westwoods and the Chappells for Cotton Patch and went and watched Price of Persia, then to Bahama Bucks. I was really nervous because we took Lylah, but she slept the entire movie. After that we stopped back by Andy's house to say goodbye, we already miss you guys.
I love having great friends! It was really nice to meet up with everyone and make more memories that we will remember forever and talk about when we are older. Hopefully, we can start making friends where we live now and cherish those

This was the night before we left at Andy's house

Here is Andy playing Nintendo in the middle of his floor. It is pretty funny to watch he play sitting Indian style
moments. Here is Andy and Anjelica with Lylah