Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dallas here we come!!

This past week we were on vacation with Sean's family. (I will blog about that later) We were hoping to have already heard something about Sean getting the new Buckle store in Garland, TX. The 3rd day of vacation we were at the beach and we must have been in the water because we never heard our phones ring. Finally when we got to the car we checked our phones and we both had missed calls from his area manager. So Sean calls him back and they FINALLY OFFICIALLY offer him the store. Of course he accepted!! His store opens up July 22 or 23 and he moves back to Dallas on June 17. I am staying here in Dallas with his parents because I am going to be working at the Buckle in Plano. We are both excited and ready to start this new journey. I know Sean is going to be busier than busy but he likes that kind of stuff. We have been so blessed living in Clovis even though we didn't think so when we first moved there, but it has been a great place with wonderful people. We are really going to miss it and our great friends.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Well I would have to start out by saying that things have been a little crazy lately. First off, Sean was in Las Vegas from April 30 to May 3. He had a blast and called me numerous times telling me that we have to come back and shop. I love it that I have a husband that loves to shop and loves clothes. It is nice when I am in a hurry and I ask him to pick me out an outfit to wear and it actually looks great. Good thing he gets paid to do that for a living. Any how he had a blast in Vegas, except for those dang taxis that were so expensive, I think that is where most of his money went. I will post some pictures but he didn't really take any of himself doing things so they are kind of lame.

On May 5th we celebrated out two year wedding anniversary. We kept it really simple by having dinner at Dakota's Steakhouse and then returning home to watch Yes Man. This past year has been awesome together and we have really enjoyed being together. Good thing because this marriage is for eternity. Both our dog(abby) and our kitty (Watson) have brought a lot of joy and good memories to our lives. It is funny to think because they are just animals, but they have very strong personalities do crazy things. We are definitely looking forward to the future and who knows what is in store for us.

This is how Sean proposed. For some of you that have not seen our wedding video I have the link to the right on our blog.

I have been packing up things because Sean is hopefully going to get a new Buckle store in the Dallas area. I already quit my job so lets hope that he gets it. I have been kind of bored here all day every day with nothing to do. I go workout, clean , pack, nap, help Sean out at his store, but there is only so much to do before I run out of things to do. As most of you know I am a stressful person. I stress over the small things so you can only imagine my stress level on this. I thought we would already know by now and that is why i quit my job so early. I am now regretting that decision, but I am just glad that Sean is not rubbing it in my face. We have been truly grateful for the opportunity we have had to be here in Clovis and we are really going to miss all of the great friends we have made.

Also some of our friends are moving to Salt Lake. She got into a doctorate program. I am so excited that she is getting to do what she wants, but Sean and I have become great friends with Rami and Stacey. We are really going to miss them and all the fun we have. Here are some pictures we took the other night. Beware we get a little crazy together and start acting really immature. I am just glad that Sean and Rami let us be and do the weird obnoxious things we do, like ummm.... decide to have a dance party with just the two of us. Enjoy!!