Friday, August 21, 2009

September 21, 2009

Yes! This is the day that we close on our house. We are so excited that we finally found one. We had a tough time with people accepting our offers. We finally realized that we should probably quit putting offers on foreclosures and short sales and just buy one from a seller. We can't wait to move in, but are def. not excited about buying a refrigerator, lawn mower, edger, and all the other things that are necessary. The house is in Rowlett, TX, just a few minutes from where Sean grew up. We will actually be attending the ward that he grew up in except that it has split into two wards so not everyone he knows will be in that ward.

Also this weekend is Tax Free here in good old Texas. For you who have no idea what that is it is where you can buy clothes and other things worn on your body for ZERO tax only if it is under $100. You actually on save about $8 for every $100 that you spend, but people love it and work has been great and crazy. Sean's store is also doing exceptionally well. I am just so proud of him! I think I say that in every blog, but seriously he is doing a great job!!!

So life is just Rockin and Rollin for the Russells!