Sunday, March 8, 2009

Life is just dandy

So life is just dandy right now. We both are busy with work and church callings. The original plans for my new job was to just work M-F, but because it is tax season and we are super swamped with different deadlines to meet and so I have been working Saturdays as well. I really enjoy it and I love learning all about taxes and other accounting stuff. My weeks just fly by because I am never not doing something at work. Sean's work is going great for him as well. We are really lucky because the Buckle is one of the stores in the world right that is still growing and not suffering from this economic turmoil. I know that this is going to sound very ldsish but we have been so blessed lately, and we couldn't be more grateful. Other than that nothing else to interesting has happened I would have to say that we are pretty boring people with the same routine everyday. Although I am going to post a couple pics from last night. We had a friend over who works for Sean, but he is also her Sunday School teacher at church and she is the bishops daughter. She is a great girl and we love hanging out with her. She had to come over and challenge us to some sing star.