Monday, November 17, 2008

Super Saturday

On Saturday we had Super Saturday in our ward. There were amazing foods for breakfast and about 11 different soups for lunch. Last year I made a Joseph, Mary and Baby Jesus craft and a dish pan with Russell carved in the bottom of it. There were lots of things to chose from this year like FHE flower pots, but I thought no I dont have children and I would have blank ones besides Sean and Sarah. Anyway, I painted 3 little snow men and I just love them. I thought to myself if I attend super saturday every year I am never going to have to buy Christmas decorations. I also made a Journal Jar. It has 365 questions and each day you get a new question and write about it in your journal. Pretty neat. I am really enjoying this ward. We play volleyball on Tuesday nights, Girls night out once a month, usually a group date night every so often. There are just a lot of great people in the ward and one thing I have learned is that you just have to put yourself out there and GO.

Also here are so pics of Abby and Watson, they seem to be getting along well.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A new ritual

Sean and I started a weekly ritual with some friends of ours. Once a week we have a date night with them. We never see them during the week because they are both in school and working. It started around Halloween when we asked them over to cut pumpkins. I will be posting some of the pictures. Anjelica and I are working out buddies so we have gotten to know each other well, but I wasn't sure how the men would get along. It isn't hard for Sean to talk with people so I figured it would be easy and it was. Andy and Anjelica are loud just like us so it works out perfectly and there is lots of laughing. The week before last we went to Dakota's Steakhouse which is good, but def. nothing compared to Texas Roadhouse. Then on Saturday we went to Cotton Patch. Yummy.

This is Anjelica and Andy, what is andy doing?

Monday, November 3, 2008

New addition to the fam

A couple weeks ago I got a phone call from Sean saying that Paula (the manager of Regis) had found a kitten in the middle of the road. He didn't mention keeping it or anything he just wanted to tell me how cute it was. So several hours had passed and I was just doing things around the house on my day off and waiting for Sean to come home from lunch. Well he gets home about noon and guess what he has, yes it was the kitten. I have never been a fan of cats, but Sean has grown up with cats and loves them to death. So that day I took the kitten to the vet and he was healthy but he only weighed 13 oz. Then this week I had to take him back to get a check up and he know weighs 1lb 3 oz. He is a cute little thing and abby cannot get a enough of baby Watson. Here are some pics of us just getting him and of Abby playing around.

This is right when Sean had brought home Watson

Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Phone Numbers

hey yall! Sean and I just got new phones and we had to change numbers. My number is 575-218-0081 and Seans number is 575-209-1188. Also I have a lot of pictures to post, but I am not sure where my cord is to move my pictures onto my computer.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sorry it has been way too long.

Hey everyone sorry it has been so long and guess what I still have no pictures for you. Ok well I have them, but I am not sure where Sean put the cord to transfer them to our computer. Lots has happened and so I will have to post pictures later. First off, Seans family came for a visit and we had a great time. It was good seeing them and letting them see where we have lived for the past 11 months. Then two weekends after that Sean and I headed to my house to visit my mom for her birthday. We had a blast and can't wait to get back to Texas. We miss our families so much, but we are being blessed beyond belief being in Clovis.
The buckle is doing amazing! Last month has been the best so far since being here. Hard work definitely pays off. I hope you guys don't think I am a brat for bragging, but we have earned it. Sean rarely ever takes a day off, sometimes we are lucky if he can get a full Sunday off without people calling in. Sean has hired some great people lately, so hopefully for the holidays we can get out of this place.
Abby (our dog) is doing good, she is such a turd sometimes. She always has to get what she wants and is a pester until she gets it. We had found a new toy that she absolutely loves. I wish we could have found it a year ago. Any guesses on what it is?? A hanger yes a plastic one from Sean's closet, it keeps here entertained for hours.
Also Sean and I have been reading the twilight series. I am on the 4th book and Sean is almost done with the third. Sean thinks it is good, but def. a chick book and he loves Jacob, stupid boy. I love it and can't get enough, I am so excited about the movie.
Ok I think that is about all that is happening these days. We want to let all of our friends up in Utah know that we love and miss all of you. We are grateful for y'alls friendship and hopefully can see you soon!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Big Brother 10

So my all time favorite reality show right now is Big Brother. This season is absolutely crazy and the people are so mean to each other. This is how the show goes. First, you have to have a Head of Household competition, which is usually just questions, but whoever wins that gets to have a room upstairs all by themself. They also have to nominate two people who could possibly be evicted or put up on the block as the shows terminology. Then there is a Power of Veto competition, which is usually physical, and who ever wins that has the option to use it and take one of the nominees off the block or not use it. Now if they do use it then the Head of Household has to pick someone else to go up on the block. Then eventually one gets kicked off. Now this all usually happens in 3 days. The HOH is on Sunday or Thursday night after someone gets kicked off. Two nominees are put on the block on Sunday, then Tuesday is the Power of Veto and last on Thursday someone get sent packing. What is so crazy about this is last night they did a double eviction and you have to watch it just go to Also if any of you do watch it I would love to hear who you think is the best player. My opinion is that Dan has got it in the bag!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

CONVICTS on the loose

Sunday night on the news here we found out that 9 prisoners escaped the Clovis jail through the roof. It is kind of scary because one is in there for murdering a 10 year old boy. It makes you think twice about going places, going anywhere after dark, and locking your doors. Four out of the nine have been caught, but there are still some out there. Hopefully, they will be caught before anyone gets hurt!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yes we are still ALIVE

Hello everyone, sorry i know it has been a long time since I have posted anything. Sean and I have been super busy with work the past several weeks. Here are some things that have been happening in our lives.

1. We went to the Curry County fair yesterday night and had a grand old time. We decided that next time we go we should not eat McDonalds before we go because we were on this ride that spins so fast you get stuck to the wall and it was not fun. There was so much pressure to my head that I felt sick awhile after. We did enjoy the funnel cake and kettle corn.

2. Sean went on a business trip to Lubbock and Amarillo to meet up with his area/regional manager and it looks like we will be here for about six more months. Sean was pretty upset about it because he really wanted to get a store in Dallas, but we found out that we will be going there in six more months. That is very exciting for both of us because we realized that we love being close to our families.

3. Sean is starting school next week and that is very exciting for him. I am so glad he decided to go back to school and further his education. He is going to be a busy man, but hopefully it will all work out ok.

4. Sean's Dad and Stephen are coming to visit us next Sunday before he takes Stephen to BYU. (Guys you better make him feel at home) Then the next weekend his parents, Seth, and Stephanie are coming out to visit. I can not wait for them to get here because it gets pretty lonely out here.

5. Sorry I know these are so random! Umm... the rain here has been awesome here lately and everyday is getting cooler and cooler.

I am not sure what else is going on, but if I remember something I will put it in another post. Sorry there are no pictures I cannot find our camera charger and it is dead.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sean is going to kill me for this.

I am not sure if many of you know this, but ever since Sean and I met he has always written me peoms. One thing in all the poems that he is good at is using specific things that are happening in our lives. Well, since we have been married I think I have only received one poem. The other night I had to close the store and Sean had been home since 6 so I could only imagine what he could be doing since he just bought a WII. Well I walk in the door and yes he is playing the WII but there are roses and a letter that says Sarah and of course it was a wonderful peom. I am going to write what it said because my husband is so amazing! If y'all have any tipes on what I could do for him that would be great.

I know its been a while
Since I've written one of these things
So I will try to make it good
Cause I know a smile it brings
Marriage is a challenge
You and I both know
However we work together
Through all the rain and snow

If you would have asked me
A few years ago
Where I would be in my life
Two years down the road
It would have never crossed my mind
Not in a million years
That I would be married
And work in the same building as Sears

So I thank you for your patience
For not going insane
And putting up with Clovis
Even through all the pain
You do a great job
Whether at work or at home
And I want to say thank you
By writing you this poem

So trust me when I say
That you are the only girl for me
And even when you get mad
I can't help but see the pretty
This is only the beginning
So get ready for the rest
Cause after this
Only comes the best.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Way past my bedtime

Ok so yesterday Sean and I decided to get tickets early and watch the midnight showing of The Dark Knight. Living in Clovis you never really know what to expect so we decided to go an hour early to make sure we get good seats. When we got there we were really surprised because there were tons of people in line already, well not really a line just a crowd of people. In normal cities and at normal theaters they usually have ropes and everyone gets in a line, obviously not in Clovis, NM. Anywho, it was ok that there were a lot of people because they were showing the movie in 3 different theaters. Another quick thing to through in is that our bishop and his wife were at the movie which Sean and I thought was awesome!! Overall the movie was amazing and kind of weird watching Heath Ledger acting knowing that he is dead. He really did an amazing job and something very different from his other movies.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Out of shape

So this morning I woke up and went to the gym with Anjelica. I don't have a gym membership, but because Anjelica works at the gym also I can go for free when I workout with her. Anywho, well lets just say that it has been a couple or since we got back from Utah that I have worked out. So there we were on the eliptical going our normal 30 min and when I got to 28 min I had to quit because my stomach started hurting like I was going to throw up and I was super dizzy. I have come to realize that I just need to work out more. Once I was over the sickness we continued with all of our other workouts and now i feel great. Hopefully, I can keep up the working out, but it is so dang hard!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July

In Clovis every 4th of July everyone goes to this one park to watch fireworks. They have live bands that play all day and night, tons of games for little kids and our friend, Joel, painted the cute animals or whatever on the kids. Anyway, so we worked till 6 then went out there to meet everyone and just relaxed alittle bit. I did not realize there were this many people in Clovis. Here are some pics.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Trip to Utah

So needless to say Sean and I have been in turbo mode for the past three weeks, so be prepared for a long post. We first started out by visiting all of our wonderful friends up in Utah from June 13-15. We had a blast and it was so great seeing everyone at the BYU 157th reunion. While we were there I finally got to see Heather who had been on a mission for a year and half and we have been longing to see eachother. It was really crazy because the first night we got there I stayed the night with Heather and Cherisa and Sean stayed with the boys. It was a little weird because I was in a routine and then all of sudden I felt like I was single again. It was funny because the girls were talking about boys as usual and I am so thankful I am married and all that decision making crap is over. Anyhow on Friday I went and say Sierra, she is the little girl I use to nanny, we had lots of fun watching kung fu panda. Her family is not doing to well right now and she is having kind of a hard time, but there is really nothing i can do. She is a strong girl and she will be fine.
That night we went to PF Changs and had dinner with a bunch of friends.
Saturday we went longboarding and had a wonderful lunch at Tucanos. Later that night we had the reunion and let just say my team kicked butt at volleyball.

I finally got to see Julie and her beautiful baby. Julie, "she can just start calling me Aunt Sarah." Also all of my roommates from 2005 were there and it was neat to see them again.

Finally, sunday came and we went to church and the had a picnic with Natalia, luis, and Amy. So the 13 hour drive was totally worth it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

The Buckle

So, many of you already know that Sean is the manager of the Buckle in Clovis. Last week some shady things were going down at my job so I quit. Right around the time that this was happening Sean manager asked if I would consider working at the Buckle. So Sean and I weighed out the pros and the cons and decided lets give it a shot. This has been my first week so far and I really enjoy it. The only thing I hate is that I have to look at new cute clothes everyday that I can't buy. Poor Sean he is the only guy and there are about 6 girls, but it is a really positive atmosphere and the store is growing more and more every week. Many people tell us it is not good to work together, but we have done that before in Utah and there was no prob. So far we are good, I think that main thing is that I have to realize that Sean is my boss and I can't give him attitude. Anyway Sean and I are doing great and life is good.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

One Year Anniversary

Sean and I had our one year anniversary on Cinco de Mayo. I cannot believe that we have already been married for a year. Since being married so many things have happened. First, we lived in Dallas, then Sean moved to New Mexico in December, but I could not leave because of school so I lived with his family for almost 2 months. Finally, at the end of December I moved to New Mexico to be with Sean. Let me tell you about change, we go from living in a huge fast pace city to a small whole in the world called Clovis, NM. Anywho, we also have a dog named Abigail, who we have had for about a year. Most of all we have learned so much about each other and realizing that compromising is a good thing, not always easy, but good. I am so grateful for Sean and everything he does for us. He works very hard everyday at work and it is so much fun watching him grow. (That kind of sounded weird) Sean is very patient with me and teaches me something new all the time. Lately, we have started doing more fun things together like playing guitar hero, some sing along thing, going to the batting cages, playing catch, going to softball games, watching movies, and playing board games. I am so excited for this next year, I think we are all going to be suprised as to what is to come.

Saturday, May 3, 2008


I realized this last night as Sean and I were walking into the movie theater that we go to the movies usually once a week. Living in Clovis, New Mexico is not the most exciting place in the world to live. Some of our friends are on a softball team and we watch them play on Friday nights, but other than that you have to drive 2 hours to Lubbock if you really want to enjoy yourself. So this week we actually went to the movies twice because last week it was too late after we were finished with our productive day to watch a movie. Anywho, on Monday we saw "Baby Mama" which was pretty funny, I liked it. Then last night we saw "Made of Honor". I absolutely loved it and so did Sean. Patrick Dempsy is one of my favorite actors. He acts in my favorite movie from the 80's called "Can't buy my love". We know it is kind of pathetic to always go to the movies, but there really is nothing to do here. If you want to know what Clovis really is like go to youtube and type Boycott Clovis. Hope you enjoy

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gloves, Balls, Bats, Clothes, & Hair

So yesterday was a very eventful day for Sean and I. Most Saturdays are busy, but usually I am alone all day because Sean works from 12-9 so I only see him on his lunch break. Yesterday he worked from 10-3 so we were able to do a lot together, which was a lot of fun. We hadn't bought clothes in a long time, so we needed to get Buckle satisfied again. So we ended up buying several things. Then Sean did not have a baseball glove and we have been watching some of our friends play and we went to Big 5 Sports and bought Sean a glove and a softball so we could play catch, which we ended up doing later in the afternoon. I have been wanting to go to the batting cages lately, so we thought heck lets just got hit balls. It was a lot of fun because Sean said he had never really played ball before and I grew up playing so needless to say I was very impressed by his mad softball skills! Later we came home and did my homework and decided we wanted to get our hair cut, one thing we forgot is that it was prom night, but we found a place and now we are ready to rock in roll. To top the night off we red boxed Cloverfield. To bad everyday could not be this fun!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The next day was Timbers party and we had so much fun, she is the cutest little girl in the world. Here are some pics, I will put more pics up from the weekend.

Birthdays and Family Time

This past weekend Sean and I headed to Wichita Falls, Tx to celebrate my niece's first birthday! We arrived Friday night around 6ish and my sister had us an agenda. First, we had to got to hobby lobby, then the Buckle for her an outfit, then dinner at On the Border, then to Target to buy so curtains and several other things. Finally, when we arrived back home we had to hang the curtains we just bought. Then my sister and made these cute "Thank you for coming gifts" they were baby jars filled with hershey kisses and then we put glitter on top and put them in cute plastic clear bags with ribbon. It was so much fun helping here with them. I think that was the first time in our lives we have done something like that together.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

A couple pics from this weekend

Bobby, his niece, and Sean
Simple Incredible!

Eventful Weekend

Well we have finally made friends in Clovis, New Mexico and it is so exciting. Friday night we went to the movies with this girl named Crystal, who works at the Buckle with Sean and her boyfriend Jesse, who owns a part of a sport store in the mall. Then Saturday Sean and I woke up early and we were very productive. We made breakfast together, deep cleaned our house, and then washed my car inside and out. Then later that night we went to Jesse and Bobby's softball game ( Bobby owns the sports store in the mall) which was really fun, but the game did not even start until 11 pm, which is way past my bed time. You know you live in a small town when you have only lived here 4 months and knew about 5 people at the softball park. Then Sunday, we went to church and had a potluck dinner afterwards, then later that night we watched wrestlemania. Lately, Sean has been addicted to wrestling. Anytime I am watching tv, he just goes to the computer and watches wrestling. Anyway it was a lot of fun meeting new people hearing about their background. The Lord works in mysterious ways and sometimes he puts us in places we necessarily don't want to be, but teaches us very important lessons.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Spring Time and Tanning

The past couple of days have felt so amazing outside. Yesterday it was 82 outside and today it was 81. Oh how I love it being warm outside, but that means that I get to start wearing shorts to work. Well today as I was at working wearing my shorts this guy comes up to me and says "girl you need a tan" I guess that is a hint that I am pretty white. So tonight I went to this cute place in Clovis called Body Mystique Salon and signed up for a month of tanning. I love being tan, it makes me feel so much better, that sounds kind of silly. Anyway I am so excited about spring and being able to tan. Yeah!!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Best Decision of my Life

Yesterday, I was able to attend a baptism of a young 15 year old girl. I always love going to baptisms because it makes me think of my own. This one however really touched me because she was the same age as I was when I made the choice to be baptised. I sat there the whole time just staring at the girl just remembering back how I felt and what I was thinking. I am so grateful for that decision made 8 years age because my life has been blessed in so many ways for things I probably do not deserve. Life has not always been easy, but I have learned a great lesson and that is when you do what you are suppose to life runs a little smoother. How grateful I am for all of you who have helped me stay on the straight and narrow so that I was able to be with my husband and family forever.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A New Beginning

So here we are.... I am as we speak being forced into writing this blog. Sarah has a knife to my back and I have no option but to write this blog. In all actuallity she has threatened to take away my PS2 unless I help start this thing. I have also heard that this is the new "in" thing for married couples to do, so therefore it has begun.
Where do I begin? First of all we have moved to New Mexico about 4 months ago and let me tell you, I have NO idea why this place is called the "Land of Enchantment"! It has taken some adjustments but we are enjoying ourselves. Sarah is working at a car dealership in Portales, NM and I, of course, am still pursuing a career with The Buckle. All is well in the Russell household.
On the church side of things, Sarah has been called to the nursery which has created the sudden urge to have kids..... No comment. And I have the opportunity to be a ward missionary and just got called to the Sunday School teaching the 15-18 age group.
We will try to keep a regular post on this thing so ya'll can keep updated.....