Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Baby Russell

Things are still going well with Baby Russell. I don't really feel like I am prego anymore which is nice. I love that I can eat really whatever without getting sick. I love that I walk around all day long hoping that the only thing that will get bigger on my body is my stomach. We find out what the baby is the day before thanksgiving. It is so exciting and we are ready to find this out so that we can pick out a name, decorate the room, etc. I can't wait till i get bigger because right now i just look bloated all the time. No one has asked if i am pregnant so I obviously don't look it. I hate walking around just looking fat instead of looking pregnant. I am sure my thoughts on this will change once I actually get bigger I will say how I want to be smaller.

Random story for you. So Sean and I had out date night last Saturday. Went to Olive Garden then to watch 2012. So while we are eating and talking about work and things that happened that day. Sean randomly says " so its kind of weird that we are going to be parents!" He is totally right it is so WEIRD. I guess we really haven't thought about it too much because we have been really busy with work. We are excited to be parents to this little baby and hopefully be able to teach him/her to the best of our ability.

Everything else is going pretty well. We love the ward that we are in and feel right at home which is a good thing because we will be here awhile. We both have the wonderful opportunity to serve with the youth. I am not sure if most of you remember, but while we lived in NM Sean taught the 15-18 yr old Sunday school. He loved that calling and loved teaching the youth well he still gets too. He has the same calling in this ward except there are two teachers and they alternate weeks. Me on the other had get to work with the Mia Maids. It has been a blast so far and keeps me pretty busy. They are a great group of girls and youth altogether. We had a fireside on Sunday and everyone gets along. There don't seem to be groups that they all break off into. So needless to say we both are loving the opportunity that we have been given.