Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Just Pure Laziness

I haven't posted anything in a while 1)because I have a broken camera so there a zero pics and that is just boring 2)just pure laziness. I get on everyday and look at everyone else's blog. I know it is ridiculous! Anywho there is not much happening in the Russell household. We are all moved into our house which we love and this Thursday I will be 14 weeks along. It is getting really exciting knowing that we are having a baby just not reality yet. I think once my stomach gets bigger it will be reality. For a few questions y'all might have. No we haven't really picked out any names, work has kept us really busy and on opposite schedules. We have found a girl name that we really like though. We don't care what we have I think we are both cool with having a boy, but that is because we don't think it will be fair for Sean to have to put of with two of me. HAHA I can't wait to find out what it is so that we can start buying things and painting it's room. I wake up about 2-3 times in the night to go pee which is really annoying. One night I counted and I woke up 7 times, poor Sean! He got a kick out of it the other night. Our bathroom has folding doors that we just leave propped open. Well I got up to use the restroom and BAM! right into the door. Sean didn't laugh right then, but the next morning he was like " Do you remember what happened last night?" "Yes honey I ran into the door" and now he loves to make fun of me for it. Ok let me get back on track, I crave anything Italian. I am in love with pizza sauce, tomato sauce and kind of tomato like thing, even though I can't stand tomatos. I would post of pic of me 12 weeks but i dont have one and there is nothing to really look at! Any other questions just ask. Hopefully, we get a camera soon