Saturday, February 21, 2009

More to the last post

I forgot to put these pics to the previous post of our sewing group.

Way over Due

Hey Everyone!

Lots of things have been going on lately in the Russell household. Sean had manager meetings Monday thru Thursday and it is so nice to finally have him home. I have started a new job at an accounting firm, so that is different because now I have a 8-5 job opposed to working till 9 at night. Here are some other things that we have been doing.

In church, I was called at the beginning of the year to be the Activity Day Leader. It has been a blast working with these young girls and seeing all of there different personalities. It reminds me a lot of Sierra (Girl I nannied)because she was that age and being so dramatic. We have been able to do some fun activites so far like heart attacking the Bishop's Office and doing Pedigree Charts for Pedicures. Here are some cute pictures from their pedicures.

Also, one of Sean's favorite missionary just got transfered to Lubbock and so we had them over one last time. Two of them took pictures of themselves and with us and framed them, so on our living room table we have pictures of missionaries. It's kind of weird, but its not like we have kids with their pictures so this will do. Elder Makin is one funny guy and I am sure Sean and him will be buddies for a long long time. Let's just say this, in January we fed them 5 times. Anyway here are some pictures of us with Elder Makin!

Lastly, this morning our Relief Society had a sewing group that was making aprons. We did not get to finish, but it is always fun to go because we love to talk. That is what it is for anyway right? I will have to post a picture of the complete apron when it is finished, but in the meantime here are some pictures of us ladies. I have noticed that the only people that come to these activites are the same group of women. These are the women who play volleyball twice a month, and who go to the movies together. They are lots of fun and I am really going to miss this ward when we leave. (Not saying that we are) HA!!